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Mickie Webster interview #2

Friday, June 2, 2023 – 1:45 p.m.

The detectives asked Mickie Webster, Home Plate's head waitress and Devlin Beauchamp's ex-girlfriend, to come in for another conversation.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Mickie Webster

Detective Armstrong: Would you please state your full name and address for the record?

Mickie Webster: Michelle Kathleen Webster, 1011 Benbow Circle, Oxford.

Detective Armstrong: Thanks for coming in again. We have a few more questions we need your help to answer.

Mickie Webster: No problem. Anything I can do to help.

Detective Armstrong: You're the head waitress at Home Plate, right?

Mickie Webster: Yes.

Detective Armstrong: You manage the waitstaff?

Mickie Webster: Well, I wouldn't call myself a manager exactly, more like a coordinator.

Detective Armstrong: Okay. As a part of your job, do you know where supplies are kept and so forth?

Mickie Webster: Yes.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know if there are any weapons at the restaurant? Just in case of a burglary or something.

Mickie Webster: Weapons? No, of course not.

Detective Armstrong: Not even a baseball bat or anything?

Mickie Webster: Oh, a baseball bat. I don't think of that as a weapon, but yes, there's one of those under the bar, like you said, just in case.

Detective Armstrong: When we were there, we found two bats under the bar.

Mickie Webster: Really?

Detective Armstrong: Any idea how that could've happened?

Mickie Webster: Maybe someone brought it in before or after practice, stuck it under the bar during their shift, and then forgot about it? I don't know.

Detective Armstrong: And if one of the bats had blood on it?

Mickie Webster: What? That's terrible. Someone must've cut themselves behind the bar or gotten scraped up at practice or something. Still, to put it under the bar like that is … gross.

Detective Armstrong: You never noticed two bats under there?

Mickie Webster: No. How long had there been two?

Detective Armstrong: How long would it take you to notice there was an extra bat?

Mickie Webster: Oh, I don't know. It would depend on how busy we were, I guess.

Detective Murphy: You know, Mickie— do you mind if I call you Mickie?

Mickie Webster: Of course not.

Detective Murphy: Okay, Mickie. Since we've been sitting here, I've been looking at your hair, which looks great by the way, but have you changed it recently?

Mickie Webster: Oh. Well, yes. I got it cut not too long ago.

Detective Murphy: And maybe a little color?

Mickie Webster: Oh, I didn't think it was noticeable, but yes.

Detective Murphy: When did you do it?

Mickie Webster: I don't know. A couple of weeks ago, maybe.

Detective Murphy: Maybe a little less? Like right after Devlin passed away?

Mickie Webster: Yeah. When that happened, I just … needed a change.

Detective Murphy: Here. Take a tissue. Do you want to take a moment?

Mickie Webster: No, no. I'm okay.

Detective Armstrong: Remind me. When was the last time you saw Devlin?

Mickie Webster: I guess it was that day at work. The day he….

Detective Armstrong: What did you two talk about?

Mickie Webster: Nothing. Just work stuff, customers' orders and things like that.

Detective Armstrong: When was the last time you two talked about something other than work stuff?

Mickie Webster: I don't know. Maybe a week before he ….

Detective Armstrong: What did you talk about then?

Mickie Webster: I don't know—just things.

Detective Armstrong: Where did this conversation happen?

Mickie Webster: At his house.

Detective Armstrong: How did you come to be at his house?

Mickie Webster: I dropped by to see how he was doing.

Detective Murphy: To find out if another woman was there?

Mickie Webster: No. Well, maybe.

Detective Armstrong: And was there?

Mickie Webster: No, he was alone.

Detective Armstrong: Did he invite you in?

Mickie Webster: Yes.

Detective Armstrong: And what did the two of you do?

Mickie Webster: We talked.

Detective Armstrong: Did you have sex?

Mickie Webster: What?

Detective Murphy: We're all grownups here, Mickie. Just tell us the truth. No one is judging you.

Mickie Webster: Yes, we did, okay?

Detective Armstrong: But you were still broken up afterward?

Mickie Webster: Yes. Nothing changed. He still wanted what he wanted, and I still wanted what I wanted. We just helped each other feel a little less … lonely for a little while.

Detective Armstrong: What day did this happen?

Mickie Webster: I don't know exactly.

Detective Murphy: Yes, you do.

Mickie Webster: It was the Tuesday before he ….

Detective Armstrong: Did you spend the night?

Mickie Webster: No.

Detective Murphy: Do you know Natalie Posner?

Mickie Webster: Huh? No, I don't think so. Is she a customer?

Detective Murphy: She's someone Devlin knew. You never met her?

Mickie Webster: No, I don't think so.

Detective Armstrong: Why were you lurking outside Devlin's office while he was on the phone?

Mickie Webster: Why was I what? I didn't do that.

Detective Armstrong: That's not what we heard.

Mickie Webster: Let me guess. Kat Dixon again, right? She's never happier than when she's stirring up trouble for me.

Detective Armstrong: So you never eavesdropped on Devlin's phone conversations at work?

Mickie Webster: Why would I do that?

Detective Armstrong: You tell us.

Mickie Webster: Well, I didn't do it, so I can't explain it.

Detective Murphy: Have you ever been to California?

Mickie Webster: I was in San Fransisco for a little while, maybe 20 years ago, but I haven't been back since. It was too expensive for me.

Detective Murphy: You never went to southern California? You didn't want to see Hollywood? The Los Angeles area?

Mickie Webster: I thought about it, but like I said, it was expensive, and there were other states I wanted to visit. But I haven't been out west for years. Why does it matter now?

Detective Armstrong: Do you know Jessica Durham?

Mickie Webster: Is she in California?

Detective Armstrong: No.

Mickie Webster: Oh, you mean Jessica Durham from here. Yes, she's a friend of mine.

Detective Armstrong: Did you see her the weekend Devlin was killed?

Mickie Webster: Um … oh, yeah. I saw her on Friday when she borrowed my truck for the weekend.

Detective Armstrong: So you had to hoof it all weekend?

Mickie Webster: No. She let me use her car while she had mine.

Detective Armstrong: Did you drive her car over to Devlin's that Saturday night?

Mickie Webster: No. I was home with a migraine. Didn't I tell you that?

Detective Armstrong: So if someone saw you in Jessica's car outside Devlin's house that night?

Mickie Webster: They must be mistaken. Maybe it was another car like hers? I don't know what to tell you except it wasn't me.

Detective Armstrong: So you went home after you left work and didn't leave until the next day?

Mickie Webster: Well, I stopped by the store on the way home, but other than that, yes. Have you ever had a migraine, detective? It doesn't make you want to go anywhere or do anything other than lie down with your eyes closed and pray the pain will go away.

Detective Armstrong: You were able to talk on the phone, though.

Mickie Webster: For a little while, yes. I thought it might distract me from the pain, but it didn't work.

Detective Armstrong: I see. Do you get migraines often?

Mickie Webster: I don't know what you call often. Maybe a few times a year? I'm not sure. Is there anything else you want to know right now? I need to be getting back to work.

Detective Murphy: Okay, Mickie. Thanks for coming in to talk to us again. We'll be in touch.

Mickie Webster: You're going to want to talk to me again?

Detective Murphy: Is that a problem?

Mickie Webster: No. It's just painful. That's all. I want to help, of course, but I don't like talking about all this.

Detective Murphy: That's understandable, but we appreciate your willingness to help us find Devlin's killer. Thanks again for coming in.

Interview ended – 2:19 p.m.


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