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Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 002547-21E-2023
Case Description: Devlin Beauchamp death investigation

Investigators found seven news articles (002547-012-01 through 002547-012-07) in a desk drawer in Mr. Beauchamp's study during the search of Devlin Beauchamp's residence.

The following three articles are representative of the seven as the same information is repeated in several of the articles.

Evidence # 002547-012-01

Editor Found Murdered

The body of Los Angeles Addendum entertainment editor Ivan Riesling was found yesterday in his Glendale home. Mr. Riesling's secretary, Jaclyn Severance, went to check on him after he failed to arrive for work or call in that morning. After seeing signs of forced entry, Ms. Severance notified 911 from a neighbor's home.

Officers subsequently discovered Ivan Riesling bludgeoned to death inside the Chevy Chase Drive home. Police sources say initial indications at the scene point to an attempted burglary gone wrong.

Ivan Riesling was last seen Friday evening around 8:30 p.m. leaving the offices of Los Angeles Addendum. According to his secretary, Mr. Riesling planned to spend that evening at home with his live-in girlfriend, Natalie Posner.

No one has seen Ms. Posner since Mr. Riesling's body was discovered. Investigators believe she may have been a witness to the murder and is currently in hiding.

Glendale Police are seeking the public's help to locate Natalie Posner or anyone else with information about what happened at the Riesling residence.

"We encourage anyone who knows something about the death of Ivan Riesling to come forward," said Detective Delilah Garcia. "This department will assure the safety of any witnesses."

Evidence # 002547-012-03

Still No Leads in Editor's Murder

Glendale Police say they have no leads in the murder of magazine editor Ivan Riesling more than a week after his body was found.

Mr. Riesling apparently was bludgeoned to death when he interrupted a break-in. Colleagues say he had no known enemies and had not notified police or the magazine's publisher of any threats against his life.

Mr. Riesling's live-in girlfriend, Natalie Posner, has been missing since his death. She was last seen leaving Los Angeles Addendum, where she and Mr. Riesling worked, with the victim at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.

Police records show that officers were dispatched to the Riesling/Posner home with increasing frequency from late 2009 through early 2015 on domestic violence calls. No charges were filed on any of those occasions.

While a few co-workers at Los Angeles Addendum described the couple as "loving" and "very close," most characterized the relationship as "volatile," "stormy," and "less than faithful."

Some have expressed concern that Mr. Riesling's assailant abducted Ms. Posner and is holding her against her will or may even have killed her. Others speculated that Ms. Posner fled her abusive relationship before the murder and is now in hiding, unaware of Mr. Riesling's death.

The Glendale Police declined to say whether they consider Ms. Posner a potential victim or a suspect in Mr. Riesling's murder. They would only say they "believe Ms. Posner may have witnessed events surrounding Mr. Riesling's death."

Authorities ask anyone with information about Natalie Posner's current whereabouts to contact Glendale Detective Delilah Garcia.

Evidence # 002547-012-07

Editor's Murder Still Unsolved One Year Later

One year ago today, Los Angeles Addendum entertainment editor Ivan Riesling was found murdered in his Glendale home, the apparent victim of an attempted burglary gone wrong.

His live-in girlfriend, Natalie Posner, has been missing since Mr. Riesling's death was discovered.

No arrests have been made, and the Glendale Police have no leads in either Mr. Riesling's murder or Ms. Posner's disappearance.

The couple's former co-workers at Los Angeles Addendum are dismayed that Mr. Riesling's killer has not been apprehended. Several also expressed concern for Ms. Posner's safety.

The Glendale Police declined to comment on the investigation but issued a brief statement.

"Inquiries are ongoing, and this case will remain open until the culprit is brought to justice."

Department sources say some investigators consider Natalie Posner to be a suspect in the Riesling murder.

The couple's volatile relationship was well-known among their friends and co-workers. Officers responded to the Riesling/Posner home many times in the years before Mr. Riesling's death, according to police records.

Approximately two weeks after the murder, Ms. Posner's 2005 Honda Accord was found abandoned in a strip mall parking lot in Bakersfield, CA. Police could not determine who drove the car to Bakersfield, and no other traces of Ms. Posner turned up in the area.

Lead investigator Detective Delilah Garcia spoke to reporters at a press conference today.

"We would like to talk to Ms. Posner about what she witnessed around the time of Mr. Riesling's murder. If she or anyone else has any concerns for her safety if she comes forward, we will provide protection for her."


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