Dubois credit check


Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001995-01E-2021
Case Description: Barbara Dubois homicide investigation

YCSD investigators ran a credit report as part of a routine background check into the victim and members of her household. Because her mother, Susan Dubois, managed the family finances, they also obtained her credit report.

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TRQ Financial Services

The financial information included below is private and confidential information to be used by appropriate law enforcement personnel only. This information is intended to remain with said law enforcement personnel at all times.
Summary Requested By Jurisdiction Code for Yoknapatawpha County County Identification Number
 Detective S. Murphy  1111  213

1. Personal Information

Name: Susan Whitleff Dubois
Social Security Number: 427-XX-XXXX
Age or Date of Birth: July 13, 1977
Current Address: 3043 Davis Dr.
Oxford, MS 38655-4226
Previous Address: 134 Avent St.
Oxford, MS 38655-3304
Employment History: Village Tailor - - -
Duvall's On the Square - - -
Square Books - - -
Fraud Alerts: None 

2. Credit Accounts Information
The following information is a detailed listing of each account opened in the past. Non-negative information regarding these accounts, including closed accounts, remains on the report for ten years from the date of last activity.

Account NameNumberBalanceDate ReportedPast DueAccount StatusComments
Chase NA 422669XXXXXX $1,544.38 4/30/2021 $0 Pays as agreed Credit Card
Citi 542418XXXXXX $1,197.22 4/30/2021 $0 Pays as agreed Credit Card
MBNA America 480013XXXXXX $0 4/30/2021 $0 Pays as agreed Account closed at consumer's request, Paid account, zero balance

3. Mortgage Accounts Information

Account NameNumberBalanceDate ReportedPast DueAccount StatusComments
Bank of America 134-753-XXXX $11,378.92 4/30/2021 $0 Pays as agreed Home mortgage, Transferred from Gerard Dubois

Property Address: 3043 Davis Dr., Oxford, MS 38655-3304

Last Valuation for Tax Assessment Purposes: $243,256.76

4. Assets Information

Account NameTypeNumberBalanceDate ReportedComments
Bank of Mississippi Checking 433-11-XXXX $3,324.89 4/30/2021  
Bank of Mississippi Savings 433-12-XXXX $9,087.41 4/30/2021  
Bank of Mississippi Certificate of Deposit 433-15-XXXX-X $19,673.22 4/30/2021  
Prudential Life Life Insurance Policy 99-3421-XXX Cash surrender value of $100,000 4/30/2021  
Fidelity SEP/IRA Retirement 42-439-XXXXX-01 $18,459.23 4/30/2021  

5. Income Information
The following information is a detailed listing of each deposit made into the customer's primary regular checking account in the past year, April 1, 2020 – April 30, 2021.


MCSD ; Des: US Treasurer Tax Refund ; Ref: 010902340 EFT 4/29/2021 $432.98
Magnolia Cosmetics Counter 4/17/2021 $500.00
Smith Perfumes Counter 4/17/2021 $200.00
Jackson Rouge Counter 4/17/2021 $100.00
Lamar Cosmetics Counter 4/3/2021 $500.00
Transfer from CD Counter 4/3/2021 $5,000.00
Transfer from Savings Online transaction 4/1/2021 $500.00
Smith Perfumes Counter 3/13/2021 $200.00
Jackson Rouge Counter 3/13/2021 $100.00
Lamar Cosmetics Counter 3/6/2021 $500.00
Smith Perfumes Counter 2/13/2021 $200.00
Jackson Rouge Counter 2/12/2021 $100.00
Lamar Cosmetics Counter 2/6/2021 $500.00
Smith Perfumes Counter 1/16/2021 $200.00
Jackson Rouge Counter 1/16/2021 $100.00
Water Valley Dresses Counter 1/16/2021 $350.00
Lamar Cosmetics Counter 1/2/2021 $500.00


Tuttle Chocolates Counter 12/5/2020 $1,000.00
Lamar Cosmetics Counter 12/5/2020 $500.00
Lamar Cosmetics Counter 11/7/2020 $500.00
Tuttle Chocolates Counter 11/7/2020 $1,000.00
Tuttle Chocolates Counter 10/3/2020 $1,000.00
Lamar Cosmetics Counter 10/3/2020 $500.00
Alexandra Lamar Counter 9/26/2020 $250.00
Alexandra Lamar Counter 9/12/2020 $250.00
Tuttle Chocolates Counter 9/5/2020 $1,000.00
Alexandra Lamar Counter 8/15/2020 $500.00
Alexandra Lamar Counter 8/1/2020 $500.00
Tuttle Chocolates Counter 8/1/2020 $1,000.00
Tuttle Chocolates Counter 7/3/2020 $1,000.00
Tuttle Chocolates Counter 6/6/2020 $1,000.00
Alexandra Lamar Counter 6/6/2020 $500.00
Tuttle Chocolates Counter 5/2/2020 $1,000.00
Alexandra Lamar Counter 5/1/2020 $500.00
Alexandra Lamar Counter 4/18/2020 $300.00
Tuttle Chocolates Counter 4/4/2020 $1,000.00
Alexandra Lamar Counter 4/4/2020 $200.00

The following information is the result of a query of the customer's primary checking account designed to retrieve any unusual deposits in the last 10 years. The information retrieved can potentially include (but will not necessarily include all) one-time deposits, deposits that are not associated with reported employment, and deposits that feature unusual amounts when compared to usual account activity.

Dillard's Counter 11/13/2019 $678.43
Josephine White Counter 5/7/2019 $75.00
Off Square Books Counter 3/25/2018 $35.00
Alexandra Lamar Counter 8/24/2017 $1,150.00
Jody McIntyre Counter 1/25/2016 $125.00
Alexandra Lamar Counter 1/8/2014 $7,500.00
Dianne Hammond Counter 9/20/2013 $200.00
Batesville Fine Dress & Accessories Counter 7/18/2013 $452.39
Belk Ford Counter 4/19/2012 $112.74
Tupelo Glamour Hair Counter 2/9/2011 $237.85

6. Collections Information
A collection is an account that has been turned over to a collection agency by a creditor because the account has not been paid as agreed.

No Collections on file.

7.  Public Records
Public record information includes bankruptcies, liens, garnishments, or judgments from federal, state, or county court records.

No Public Records on file.

TRQ Financial Services
12 Legato Road
Fairfax, VA 22033
Report Reviewed By: James Griswald The information contained in this report is accurate, to the best of our knowledge, at the time this report was compiled.  Further financial information may have been pending to these accounts at the time of compilation and not necessarily included.
Reviewer Audit Number: 17-23898
Report Certified By: Mike Lowe



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