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Analysis: Serology; Blood ABO Testing

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Case Description:
 Barbara Dubois Homicide

Case #

Investigative Agency:
 Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department

Investigating Officer(s):
 Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong


Presumptive Human Blood Tests

Presumptive tests for human blood were performed on the following items with the results shown:

Item #DescriptionRecoveredBlood?
001995-01 One (1) trophy, labeled "First Annual Yoknapatawpha County Literature Festival Beauty Pageant, May 1, 2021", 28" x 8" 3.5" hallway outside YCCC Room #273 (custodial storage closet) positive
001995-02 One (1) black leather jacket, size 50, with reddish-brown stains consistent with blood, worn by Bill Lamar person of Bill Lamar positive
001995-03 One (1) green long-sleeved pullover sweater, size 41, with reddish-brown stains consistent with blood, worn by Bill Lamar person of Bill Lamar positive
001995-04 One (1) pair blue denim jeans, size 33x34, with reddish-brown stains consistent with blood, worn by Bill Lamar person of Bill Lamar positive
001995-23 One (1) pair of women’s shoes, 3" heels, size 4, grey, with reddish-brown stains on heel and sole of right shoe YCCC Room #275 (linen closet) positive
001995-50 One (1) men's athletic shoes, white, size 9, with reddish-brown spatters Norm Resol residence negative
001995-51 One (1) 5-oz. tack hammer with reddish-brown spatters Norm Resol vehicle negative
001995-52 One (1) short-sleeved button front shirt, gray with black YCCC logo stitched over left breast pocket, size M, with reddish-brown stain Norm Resol vehicle positive

ABO Blood Typing

Samples from distinct areas were tested using ABO blood typing and compared to the blood sample obtained from the deceased (001995-47) with the following results:

Evidence Item #Abbreviated DescriptionABO Result
001995-01-S001 upper pedestal of trophy A+
001995-01-S002 broken figurine atop trophy A+
001995-01-S003 broken figurine atop trophy AB-
001995-02-S001 left sleeve of jacket A+
001995-02-S002 right sleeve of jacket A+
001995-02-S003 front of jacket A+
001995-03-S001 front of sweater A+
001995-03-S002 front of sweater A+
001995-04-S001 front thigh of left pant leg A+
001995-04-S002 front thigh of left pant leg A+
001995-04-S003 front thigh of right pant leg A+
001995-23-S001 heel end of right shoe A+
001995-23-S002 heel shaft of right shoe A+
001995-23-S003 sole of right shoe A+
001995-47 blood sample from Barbara Dubois A+
001995-52-S001 right front shirttail O+

DNA Profiling

These samples were submitted for DNA profiling. Results pending.



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