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Fellow sleuth hobbiests,

I am writing about my real-life take on the real-life Sydney Loofe killing and I cannot help but
believe that Boswell and Trail are innocent. There has been absolutely no corroborating
evidence to support Trail's weak confession, and from a psychological perspective it appears
he is misguidedly trying to protect Boswell by claiming that she was passed out and trying
to give her the "out" of just helping dispose of the body to excuse any DNA evidence he
thinks might link her to the crime. He's trying to be chivalrous, imho. He has been led to
believe that Boswell was involved, probably via police questioning.

If they indeed dismembered her body there would be blood evidence everywhere. These
are not professionals with stainless steel sinks, bone saws, etc. There has been no video
of them carrying off bags, etc. And, they would have had to have known there would be
an internet "paper trail" linking them to Loofe. They used their phones and internet messaging.
Hardly the thing that a pre-meditated murderer would do.

I am writing to you because I am in no position to help them. I live outside the country, am
poor, etc. But this is eating away at me. I fear the D.A. and police are in a rush to judgement
and purposefully forcing through the case against them, maybe for fun and profit.

It has been over a year, and this lack of a speedy trial appears to be to coerce Boswell in to
saying she was passed out and doesn't remember so as to corroborate Trail's supposed
confession. Just from the psychology involved they are clearly innocent, let alone the lack
of evidence. The confession is faked by Trail to protect his love interest, and weak and
no supporting evidence he did it.

Matt Buse
Hello Sleuth Buse,

:) I just learned about this case today, though it was called the "Tinder Date Murderer," and I agree with you on some points -- what has thus far been reported doesn't seem to make total sense to me either:

Despite extensive searches, authorities could not locate the cutting tools, especially the hacksaw that was the alleged item used to cut up the victim's body. There were many many items that detectives could analyze, such as handcuffs, rope, a dog collar and leash, and sex toys, but Loofe's DNA could not be found anywhere on these items. Pieces of electric wire were found scattered near Loofe's remains, which Trail admitted he used to strangle her, but the FBI did not find her DNA on these wires, instead only finding Loofe's blood on some apparel, like the gloves and pants found at the scene. Detectives could not identify who wore the glove or pants, although there was "limited support" for Trail's DNA on the surface of the electric wire. Overall, though, the quality of the latent prints was poor, disabling the police from definitively attributing them to any person. The physical evidence has been a bit shoddy, but the circumstantial evidence is pretty clear.

Trail said "I will say that I am accountable for it," when he confessed -- but why confess to murder just to "protect" his lover? Boswell was well his junior (he was 54 and she was 27), and she created her dating profile to meet all of the "wants" that Loofe was looking for in a date -- Boswell was even seen (with Trail) at the Menards where Loofe worked -- likely scoping out their target. Trail also said "A life for a life — that’s the rules in my world. I should be put to death.”

I'm not saying that either party wasn't involved, but I think that there had to be some kind of hierarchy here: one of them had to be egging the other on. In court, there were 3 women who stated that they had heard Trail and Boswell talking about wanting to torture and kill someone; but was this after one of them became the "leader," and one of them the "follower?" The women stated that it seemed like a cult, that Trail and Boswell were "obsessed with murder, punishment, and torture, and wanted to sell murder and torture videos to the dark-web." The likelihood of there being more than one serial torturer/killer/body-dismemberer in the same place, with the same victim preference, is highly unlikely.

This whole case just seems odd to me. I'm glad they're both behind bars -- but I don't understand the depravity and the indoctrination needed to slay another human being in such a way, while thinking that it would be "okay."
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