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30 Sep 1963 (57 years old)
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I'm an out of work programmer, passed over for a life in the U.S. favor of H1bs and presumably affirmative action hires and wuhmens, and of course sons and daughters of people "better" than me. After a stint of homelessness living in an RV on the streets of San Diego, California I now teach English overseas and have been in China for 8 years, telling it like it is. I have travelled solo through about 20 "countries", including the slums of Jakarta at night, land border crossings in to Mongolia, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, etc. A bomb went off right where I had been walking about a month after my visit to Jakarta. I used to watch Colombo and stumbled across during some internet search and thought it was real at first...then the witness testimony included statements about UFO's.

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