What's happened so far…

Investigation Day 1

On Sunday afternoon, Detectives Murphy and Parker were called to the scene of an apparent homicide at a local real estate office. The co-worker who found the body identified the victim as realtor Annette Wyatt.

After examining the scene, the detectives spoke to the woman who found the body.

Investigation Day 2

While the Oxford Weekly Planet published their coverage of the death, the detectives and other investigators spent the rest of Sunday and Monday morning canvassing for witnesses.

They spoke to business owners and employees in the vicinity of the Harte Agency to find out if anyone saw or heard anything unusual over the weekend.

CSU gave the detectives a preliminary inventory of the evidence they collected at the scene, and then Detectives Murphy and Parker went to Annette's residence to look for potential evidence.

While they were there, they also spoke to Annette's neighbors to find out more about her.

Investigation Day 3

The next morning, the sheriff's department's spokeswoman met with the media and provided additional information about the investigation.

Meanwhile, Detectives Murphy and Parker stayed focused on the case, starting with a conversation with Annette's boss at the Harte Agency.

Then they met with the agency's receptionist, who knows most of what happens at the company.

Afterward, the detectives talked to Jeff's best friend, who is the other agent who worked with Annette.

Later that afternoon, they met with the freelance computer expert who was working on a special project with Annette before her death.

Investigation Day 4

The following morning, Detectives Murphy and Parker spoke with Annette's best friend to find out more about Annette's relationships.

Then they talked to a man Annette had been seeing for a few years about their relationship.

After lunch, the detectives interviewed the employees of rival business Pearce Brokers, starting with the agency's founder.

Then they talked to the newest agent at Pearce Brokers to find out what she knew about Annette followed by the company's veteran agent who should have more information since he's been in the industry longer.


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Finally, they spoke to the agency's receptionist, who has a reputation as the knowledge base for all things Pearce Brokers.

Investigation Day 5

The next day, they spoke with some people who weren't so fond of Annette, starting with Kurt's wife and her take on the victim.

Then Detectives Murphy and Parker sat down with Jeff's wife to get her thoughts on the woman some have called Elena's romantic rival.

Later, they talked to Annette's former client who became dissatisfied after the deal was closed.

After those interviews were completed, the detectives reviewed the vehicles registered to persons of interest, and then set out to see how those people's alibis held up to scrutiny, starting with Annette's boss.


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