Photo of the alleged severed human hand

What happened?

Investigation Day 1

The sheriff's department was called to Duffy's Bar & Grill on Sunday night, July 13, 2014, because a man who had been drinking at the establishment claimed to have a severed human hand in his possession.

Investigation Day 2

The next morning, the Oxford Weekly Planet made sure the community knew all about it.

Once farmer Johnny Reagle sobered up, the detectives had a talk with him about the hand and his claim that it belonged to his ex.

After that conversation, Johnny agreed to show the detectives the location on his farm where he found the "root," which led to another discovery that captured the neighbors' attention.

Investigation Day 3

By early the next morning, investigators had identified a missing person report that could be connected to the case.

A uniformed officer who works the graveyard shift contacted the detectives with some information he thought might be relevant to their investigation.

Shortly afterward, the coroner's office confirmed who the hand belonged to.

Meanwhile, the sheriff's department reached out to the public to try to locate that missing person.

When the detectives looked into the person whose hand was found, they discovered a recent interview with the man in the sheriff's department case files.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy brought in the missing man's wife for a serious conversation.

That afternoon, the detectives searched the farmhouse on Reagle Farm Road and mapped out where evidence was found in the house.

Investigation Day 4

The next morning, the sheriff's department released the identity of the victim to the local media.

At the same time, Johnny's ex contacted the sheriff's department and spoke with Detectives Armstrong and Murphy.

Later the detectives went over to the Fine's apartment complex to talk to the people there, including the resident manager and the maintenance man.

Then they had a conversation with the Fines' downstairs neighbor before taking a look around the Fines' apartment.

Investigation Day 5

The next morning, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy met with Andy's boss to find out about his performance at work.

Afterward, they talked to some of Andy's co-workers to get their perspective.

A few hours later, the detectives sat down with Andy's brother to find out what he had to say.

That evening, while Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to people at the apartments across the street from the Fines, other investigators mapped out the locations relevant to the case so far.

Then the detectives went over to Duffy's to talk to the employees and customers who'd seen the Fines or John Reagle there.

Investigation Day 6

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spent the morning getting warrants to collect biological samples from several persons of interest in the investigation.

After lunch, they met with a man who turned out to have a history with both Andy and Cindy Fine and was seen talking to the Fines at Duffy's the last night Andy was seen alive.

Later, the detectives talked to another man, this one with a shady past, who was also seen with the Fines at Duffy's that night.

At the end of the day, the coroner's office sent over their preliminary report on the autopsy of Andrew Fine.

Investigation Day 7

The next day, detectives talked to the victim's wife again to clarify information they'd heard from other witnesses.

After lunch, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to Andy's employer again to see if he could clear up some discrepancies.

Later they executed a search warrant for the residence and vehicle of a person of interest.

Shortly afterward, they made an arrest.

Investigation Day 8

After the arrestee had some time to think in a jail cell overnight, the detectives reviewed his rap sheet.

Then they sat down with him for a serious conversation.

Investigation Day 9

The next morning, the crime lab sent their preliminary report on evidence collected in the investigation to date.

A little while later, the detectives met with Cindy's sister to get her take on the Fines' relationship and the night Andy was last seen alive.

Shortly afterward, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to Cindy's brother-in-law, who had his own opinions on the Fines' marriage.

Investigation Day 10

The detectives started the day at the courthouse getting more search warrants.

Then they reviewed a letter from an insurance investigator Det. Armstrong had spoken with the previous day.

Later, they visited witnesses who'd seen a dark SUV to find out if they could identify the vehicle.

That afternoon, they got another search warrant and then had a follow-up conversation with Andy's brother.

Late that night, investigators visited the restaurant where Dudley said he went after he left Duffy's on July 3rd.

Investigation Day 11

In the morning, the detectives reviewed some new information from the crime lab.

Then, they met with Dudley's mother to see if she could corroborate her son's whereabouts the weekend Andy was killed.

Investigators also added some more places of interest to the case locations map.

Later, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to the minister at Cindy's church to learn more about her state of mind.

Their next conversation was decidedly less friendly than their chat with the reverend.

Investigation Day 12

By the next morning, the crime lab had some DNA results for the detectives to review.

Then, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy obtained search warrants to look for evidence consistent with trace found on the Colt pistol. They started at the victim's residence and then moved on to the Dykmans' place and ended the day at Carl Fine's home.

Investigation Day 13

Bright and early, the detectives split up to start the day's searches. Detective Murphy went to the Laughlin house while Detective Armstrong went to Laughlin's shop.

After lunch, the detectives visited the Brinkman residence and then the Reagle farm.

Investigation Day 14

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy saved Eddie Dooley's place for last since he was still locked up.

Investigation Day 15

Then, the detectives talked to Cindy Fine again to see if she wanted to change her story, and she told them quite a tale.

Next, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy wanted to see if Dudley could clear up a few questions for them.

Later, after they got a look at the Fines' phone records for the time surrounding the murder and subsequent discovery of the body, the detectives met with Andy's brother again to see if he was ready to acknowledge some hard truths.

Investigation Day 16

The next morning, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy went to see Joanna Laughlin again to see if she could ID the person she saw in the dark SUV.

Meanwhile, other investigators summarized the alibis for each person of interest and whether each alibi could be verified.

After lunch, the crime lab provided their preliminary findings on all those work gloves taken into evidence.

After reviewing the report, the detectives had another chat with Johnny Reagle.

Investigation Day 17

After receiving a tip, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy reviewed Cindy's phone calls on key days since her husband died.

Later that day, they made an arrest.

Before long, the person in custody decided they wanted to talk to the detectives.

Once the sheriff's department announced the arrest, the Oxford Weekly Planet made sure the community knew about it.