Huddle House canvass

In an effort to corroborate Dudley Brinkman's alibi for the night of July 3, 2014, after he left Duffy's, YCSD investigators interviewed employees and patrons of the Huddle House restaurant at 1925 Jackson Avenue West.

They spoke with 18 employees and patrons, of whom 11 were present the night of Thursday, July 3 and into the early morning hours of Friday, July 4.

The 11 witnesses were questioned about:

  • Whether they had seen Dudley Brinkman in the restaurant;
  • Any observations they might have regarding Mr. Brinkman's mood, demeanor, or behavior;
  • If Mr. Brinkman dined alone or had company;
  • Any other information that might be relevant to the investigation, such as what Mr. Brinkman ordered, what time he arrived, what time he left the establishment, etc.

The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.


Ahmed Akbahr
465 Kincannon Hall, University, MS

Akbahr is an engineering student who was dining at the Huddle House on the night of July 3rd. He said he knows Brinkman through a friend who works at the hospital.

Akbahr said he sat in the window facing the parking lot and saw Brinkman come into the restaurant around 11:20 p.m. He said he waved to Brinkman, who said hello in return, and then Akbahr went back to his food.

He said Brinkman sat at the counter and ordered his food.

Akbahr said he could not provide any details about Brinkman's demeanor or mood. He said Brinkman just sat there, ate his food, chatted with another patron and then left.

Akbahr said that Brinkman got in his car and drove east on Jackson Avenue towards the Square.


Henry Doyle
1438 Avent Street, Oxford, MS

Doyle is employed by the Huddle House as a short-order cook. He indicated that he was working on the night of July 3/July 4, 2014, and payroll records supported his assertion.

Doyle said Brinkman visited the Huddle House on the night of July 3rd. He indicated that Brinkman is a regular patron of the restaurant and that he usually comes in around "11-ish at night."

He said that Brinkman often comes in after he finishes his hospital shift at 11:00 p.m. or sometimes before he starts the 11:00 p.m. shift, depending on his schedule.

Doyle described himself as a student in the English department at Ole Miss. He said he takes classes during the day and works the late shift at the Huddle House, so he is usually there when Brinkman visits.

Doyle was unable to pinpoint the time that Brinkman was in the restaurant on July 3rd with any certainty. He said, "I get so busy running the grill, I just lose track of time. I knew it wasn't one of his work nights, so the usual schedule didn't apply. I don't know when it was."

Doyle indicated that Brinkman sat at the counter and ordered his usual country fried steak sandwich. "He always orders one of two things. He gets the country fried steak if his shift is over and he's going home. If he's on his way to work and he's going to be working all night, he orders the Big House Breakfast Platter."

Doyle said he doesn't usually talk to Brinkman very much beyond the usual pleasantries. He indicated that he didn't sense anything was wrong with Brinkman on the night of July 3rd, but said, "I just take his order and then I have to get back to the grill. I don't usually have a conversation with him or notice much about what he does beyond just placing his order, so I wouldn't really know."


Michele Lambert
1263 College Hill Road, Oxford, MS

Lambert is employed at the hospital and dined at the Huddle House on the night of July 3rd.

Lambert could not remember what time she arrived at the Huddle House that night but estimated it was "around midnight or later." She said she passed Brinkman walking out as she was walking in the door. She said he seemed like he was in a hurry.

She said they spoke briefly just to say hello, and Brinkman walked out into the parking lot. She said Brinkman got into his car and drove west, away from the Square, on Jackson Avenue.


Tamika Lee
908 Andersen Road, Oxford, MS

Lee is employed by the Huddle House as a waitress. She indicated that she was working on the night of July 3/July 4, 2014, and payroll records supported her assertion.

Lee said Brinkman came into the restaurant on the night of July 3rd, but she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary about his mood or behavior.

She said she saw Brinkman chatting with another patron while he was there. "I don't know who it was, but I heard Dudley ask the guy how his father was doing. I got the impression he had helped the people at the hospital. They were talking about treatment options and things like that."

Lee also said Brinkman headed towards the Square when he left. "I was wiping down a table and looking out the front window when he pulled away."


Travis Teegarten
PO Box 1497, University, MS (physical address is the Sigma Phi Epsilon house on Fraternity Row)

Teegarten is a student in the business school at Ole Miss and was dining at the Huddle House on the night in question.

Teegarten said he was sitting in a booth and saw Brinkman sitting at the counter. He said that he noticed Brinkman because he was fidgeting and sighing.

"I just got the impression he was upset like he was brooding over something. My girlfriend pointed him out to me and said that he looked like he was upset and wanted to talk to someone but didn't have anyone. Of course, she's into creative writing, so she's always making up things about people."


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