File folder with a photo of an unsmiling man with dark hair, mustache, and goatee and a label reading 'Witness Canvass - Friends'

Alibi canvass – Hilton Burns

Investigators talked to acquaintances and co-workers to learn more about Dr. Burns.

File folder with a photo of an older middle-aged man with a dark, receding hairline and a label reading 'Witness Canvass - Associates'

Alibi canvass – James Mendoza

Investigators spoke to Dr. Mendoza's wife and some hospital personnel to learn more about him.

Business sign for Yoknapatawpha Gastroenterology Center

Canvass – YGC employees

The detectives interviewed Veronica's co-workers to learn about her relationships and recent demeanor.

Drawing of two women surrounded by flowers

Canvass – Veronica Smith's friends

YCSD investigators talked to Veronica's friends and acquaintances to gather information about her.

Man with dark hair and a gray beard

Michael O'Connor bio

Some say Michael has never forgiven his brother, George, for marrying Veronica Smith.

Man with dark hair and a gray beard

Michael O'Connor interview

The detectives spoke with Michael O'Connor about his history with his sister-in-law.

Map marker with crime scene tape in the foreground

Places of Interest

Investigators compiled a map showing Yoknapatawpha County locations relevant to the investigation.

Cellphone tower with a cellphone bill in the background

Veronica Smith's cell phone records

YCSD investigators obtained Veronica’s cell phone usage details for the days before her death.

Blond man with graying temples

Will Sands bio

Will has been a popular bartender at The Roadhouse for years.

Blond man with graying temples

Will Sands interview

Will tends bar at The Roadhouse, where Veronica had drinks with friends the night she died.

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