Silhouette of a person in front of a police mug shot height chart

A suspect is in custody for the murder of Philip Fontaine.

Handcuffs with crime scene tape and police lights in the background

The Crime Beat reports: Suspect in custody for the murder of Philip Fontaine.

Fingerprint with markers pointing out points of identification

Fingerprints obtained through search warrants were compared to unidentified fingerprints from the crime scene.

Seal of Yoknapatawpha County with the label 'Arrest Report'

A suspect in the murder of Philip Fontaine was taken into custody.

Inked shoe print superimposed on a bloody footprint for comparison

Shoes collected during searches were compared to the unidentified shoe prints from the crime scene.

Gloved hand holding a swab with a reddish stain on the end

Blood samples from Beecher, Coleman and Flores were compared to blood found at the crime scene.


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