Incident report

Ole Miss Assistant Professor Kimberly Pace was found dead in her residence.

Crime scene photos

CSU photographed the exterior and interior of the crime scene

Kimberly Pace bio

Professor Pace was beloved by her family, friends, and most students and colleagues.

Becky Pace bio

Kimberly's younger sister, Becky, was one of the people who found her body.

Becky Pace interview

The detectives interviewed Becky outside her sister's residence.

Cheryl Weston bio

Kimberly's close friend and former employer, Cheryl, was one of the people who found her body.

Cheryl Weston interview

The detectives interviewed Cheryl outside the victim's house.

Jeremy Gladwell bio

Kimberly's neighbor Jeremy was one of the people who found her body.

Jeremy Gladwell interview

The detectives interviewed Jeremy outside Kimberly's house.

Professor found dead

The Crime Beat reports: Dr. Pace was involved in a campus controversy shortly before her death.

Neighbor canvass

The YCSD asked Kimberly's neighbors if they had seen or heard anything unusual.

Arthur Beck interview

Arthur Beck reportedly sometimes argued with his next-door neighbor, Kimberly Pace.

Arthur Beck bio

Arthur and his wife retired to Oxford and moved next door to Kimberly Pace.

Paul Evans interview

Paul was estranged from his longtime girlfriend, Kimberly, at the time of her death.

Paul Evans bio

Born in Michigan, Paul has lived in the Oxford area since he was 13.

Proposed & Opposed column

This column in the Ole Miss newspaper, The Daily Mississippian, caused an uproar on campus.

Proposed & Opposed rebuttal

Kimberly Pace expressed her outrage in response to the Proposed and Opposed column.

Pace residence evidence inventory

CSU provided a preliminary inventory of Items taken into evidence from Kimberly Pace's residence.

Jacob Hunter interview

Investigators identified Jacob Hunter as the boy seen riding his bike the morning the body was found.

Patrick Richards interview

Patrick reportedly wrote the column alleging teachers could be bribed to get better grades.

Patrick Richards bio

The son of teachers, Patrick worked extra jobs to afford college.

Laurence Bricker interview

Dr. Bricker reportedly scolded Dr. Pace at a recent faculty social event.

Laurence Bricker bio

Dr. Bricker is known as the most nettlesome professor in the English Department.

Miguel Ochoa interview

Miguel always let Paul Evans stay with him whenever Paul and Kimberly "took a break."

Miguel Ochoa bio

Miguel is known for his ability to repair nearly anything put in front of him.

Tammy Freeman interview

Tammy met Kimberly and Paul through her boyfriend, Miguel Ochoa.

Tammy Freeman bio

Tammy Freeman has been dating Paul Evans' friend Miguel Ochoa since July.

Places of Interest map

This map shows Yoknapatawpha County locations are relevant to the investigation.

Margaret Bricker interview

Margaret Bricker is married to Kimberly Pace's colleague Laurence Bricker.

Kimberly Pace phone records

YCSD investigators obtained call logs for Kimberly Pace's personal telephone.

Kimberly Pace voice mail

YCSD investigators transcribed the saved and unheard messages on Kimberly Pace's voicemail.

Carter Nichols interview

Some people believe Carter Nichols was behind the column allegedly written by Patrick Richards.

Carter Nichols bio

Carter Nichols was one of Kimberly Pace's students.

Ole Miss student canvass

YCSD investigators spoke to Ole Miss students to find out more about Kimberly Pace.

Ole Miss faculty canvass

Investigators spoke to faculty members about Kimberly Pace's relationships with students and colleagues.

Coroner's summary report

The Coroner has issued a preliminary report summarizing the findings of the Kimberly Pace autopsy.

David Schumann interview

After Kimberly Pace died, veterinarian David Schumann examined her dog, Thoreau.

Dr. Pace's computer contents

YCSD investigators analyzed Dr. Pace's laptop and USB thumb drives.

Dr. Pace's financial records

YCSD investigators obtained a summary of Dr. Pace's financial status.

Cody Matthews interview

Some witnesses allege that Cody Matthews was stalking Dr. Pace.

Cody Matthews bio

Cody grew up in a small town and initially found the Ole Miss community overwhelming.

Ole Miss professor laid to rest

The Crime Beat reports: Kimberly Pace's funeral was held at the campus chapel.

Elizabeth Gregory interview

Dr. Gregory saw Kimberly Pace a few days before her death.

Angela Wilder interview

Arts patron Angela Wilder has supported and promoted Paul Evans as an artist.

Lila Lawson interview

Lila owns the C'est Belle Gallery, which hosted Paul Evans's show the night Kimberly died.

Paul Evans samples

Samples from the Paul Evans Collection shown at the C'est Belle Gallery.

Kimberly Pace bank statement

Investigators obtained Kimberly Pace's last checking account statement prior to her death.

Kimberly Pace journal excerpts

YCSD investigators were able to decrypt Kimberly Pace's journal, which was found on her laptop.

Carter Nichols interview #2

Witnesses say Carter had a loud, public argument with Kimberly Pace within days of her death.

Cody Matthews interview #2

Detectives talked to Cody again to follow up on his alibi and other questions.

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