Neighbor canvass

The YCSD asked Kimberly's neighbors if they had seen or heard anything unusual.

Professor found dead

The Crime Beat reports: Dr. Pace was involved in a campus controversy shortly before her death.

Jeremy Gladwell bio

Kimberly's neighbor Jeremy was one of the people who found her body.

Jeremy Gladwell interview

The detectives interviewed Jeremy outside Kimberly's house.

Cheryl Weston interview

The detectives interviewed Cheryl outside the victim's house.

Cheryl Weston bio

Kimberly's close friend and former employer, Cheryl, was one of the people who found her body.

Becky Pace interview

The detectives interviewed Becky outside her sister's residence.

Becky Pace bio

Kimberly's younger sister, Becky, was one of the people who found her body.

Kimberly Pace bio

Professor Pace was beloved by her family, friends and most students and colleagues.

Crime scene photos

CSU photographed the exterior and interior of the crime scene

Incident report

Ole Miss Assistant Professor Kimberly Pace was found dead in her residence.


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