Ole Miss faculty canvass

Since Kimberly Pace's death, Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department investigators have conducted numerous interviews on the University of Mississippi campus.

Investigators interviewed many faculty members, both inside and outside the English Department, to learn more about Dr. Pace and her relationships with her co-workers. They also asked about Dr. Pace's interactions with students, especially Patrick Richards, Carter Nichols, and any student who may have shown more than average interest in Dr. Pace.

The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.

Name: Dr. Abhishek Chandra
Address: 2907 Oxford Square Apartments, Oxford

Dr. Chandra said he advised Dr. Pace to go to the Dean with her complaints about Laurence Bricker. He described Dr. Bricker's behavior as totally unacceptable and said he didn't know how Dr. Pace put up with it.

Dr. Chandra characterized Dr. Bricker as an outcast in the English department who colleagues dislike and students avoid. He said, regardless of Dr. Bricker's status as an academician, he was useless as a teacher because students refuse to take his courses.

When asked if he believed Laurence Bricker was capable of violence, Dr. Chandra said his first instinct was no because he found Dr. Bricker entirely without passion but added that coldly calculating people are often the most dangerous, in his opinion.

Dr. Chandra says he only teaches senior-level classes and above, so he doesn't know Carter Nichols or Patrick Richards.

Name: Dr. Jake Hemphill
Address: 153 Avent Street, Oxford

Dr. Hemphill said he knew nothing about Dr. Pace's relationship with either Carter Nichols or Patrick Richards but had heard her complain about a student following her around. He said he was never clear on whether she was scared of the student or just irritated, but he was positive he remembered hearing her talk about it.

Name: Dr. Yvonne Moore
Address: 690 Van Buren, Oxford

Dr. Moore said she was aware of student Cody Matthews's fixation on Dr. Pace but didn't know the depth of it. She admitted that Mr. Matthews makes her uncomfortable.

Dr. Moore was unable to offer any information on Carter Nichols or Patrick Richards.

Regarding Laurence Bricker's relationship with Dr. Pace, she confirmed what much of the department had already said about Bricker's intransigent demeanor, particularly where Kimberly Pace was concerned.

Name: Dr. Joseph Neuhiesl
Address: 11869 County Road #41, Oxford

Dr. Neuhiesl said he witnessed Laurence Bricker's chastisement of Dr. Pace at the party at her residence. He described Dr. Bricker's conduct as ridiculous and completely uncalled for, but he characterized Dr. Bricker as harmless, saying he was all talk. When asked if he thought Laurence Bricker could have had anything to do with Kimberly Pace's death, Dr. Neuhiesl said he did not believe Dr. Bricker was capable of violence.

Dr. Neuhiesl said he had heard about Carter Nichols arguing with Dr. Pace outside the Student Union. He described Mr. Nichols as a piece of work and said if he had been in Dr. Pace's position, he probably would've punched Mr. Nichols.

Dr. Neuhiesl did not know Patrick Richards.

Name: Dr. Maureen Silver
Address: 1469 14th Street, Oxford

Dr. Silver characterized Patrick Richards as a hard-working student and Carter Nichols as a spoiled, pampered ass.

She was not aware of any student stalking Dr. Pace.

Dr. Silver said Dr. Pace's relationship with the faculty was generally good, except for her feud with Dr. Bricker. She said Laurence Bricker and Kimberly Pace were often at odds and their relationship never got better than icy.

Dr. Silver said she tried to remain neutral in the feud. She acknowledged that Dr. Bricker was probably correct that Dr. Pace was too informal with her students but said Dr. Bricker was such a challenging person that it was difficult to take his side. She said she witnessed Dr. Bricker chastising Dr. Pace at her party and called his treatment of Dr. Pace deplorable.



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