Miss Zina told the Kudzu Kids about an issue that's been worrying her

The Kudzu Kids visited their friend Miss Zina, as they do a few times every week.

Mr. Sampson manages the pet supply store where all the missing dog flyers were posted

The Kudzu Kids talked to the Yoknapatawpha Pet Supply manager about the missing dog flyers posted at his store.

Has Officer Scott noticed more missing dogs than usual lately?

The Kudzu Kids spoke to the county animal control officer about the missing dogs.

The Kudzu Kids talked to local vets about the missing dogs

The Kudzu Kids talked to local veterinarians about all the missing dogs.

The Kudzu Kids talked to employees at the Yoknapatawpha County Humane Society

The Kudzu Kids talked to employees at the local animal shelter about all of the missing dogs.

Naomi is certainly unusual, but does she actually know something?

The Kudzu Kids spoke to a shelter volunteer about all the missing dogs.

Joey doesn't care much about animals, but would he make them disappear?

The Kudzu Kids spoke to a local veterinary technician about the missing dogs.

The Osbornes disagree about what happened to their missing dog

Mrs. Osborne's theory about where their dog is wasn't what Rachel and Zach were expecting.

Did Mr. Guyton make a mistake that let his dog run away?

Mr. Guyton can't understand how or why his dog got out of his backyard.

The Wilsons dog has special needs and may be suffering without their help

The Wilsons told Rachel and Zach that they're particularly worried because their dog requires special attention.

George doesn't really like Bolt but can't bear to give him away

Mr. Donnelly welcomed the Kudzu Kids' help finding his dog, in addition to the unusual assistance he was already getting.

Have Naomi's neighbors noticed more dogs in the neighborhood lately?

Have any of Naomi's neighbors noticed anything unusual lately?

What do Naomi's former classmates have to say about her?

What do Naomi's acquaintances from high school have to say about her?

How upset is Ignatius about the missing Tony?

Is Mr. Hamblett's reaction to their missing dog unusual?

Why did Mrs. Hamblett rush away from her husband and the Kudzu Kids?

What does Mrs. Hamblett have to add to what her husband told the Kudzu Kids?

What possible lead did the Prestons give Rachel?
Do the Prestons know how their precious pooch, Lois, disappeared?

Can Ms. Starks clear up the confusion about when Lucky Rickard disappeared?

Could Ms. Starks help the Kudzu Kids understand more about Ms. Rickard and her missing dog?

Sarah is no fan of Joey's, but is he really up to no good?

What does Ms. Fogarty know about her co-worker Joey Sims?

Neighbors say the Youngs have video cameras all around their house

A few people have mentioned that the Youngs might have information that could help the Kudzu Kids.

Dr. Lamar helped the Kudzu Kids find clues in the security video

The Kudzu Kids asked Dr. Lamar for advice on some evidence they collected recently.

Melody asked Mr. Reynolds for help identifying the man in the security video

Following up on a clue led the Kudzu Kids to Mr. Reynolds.

Det. Armstrong met with the Kudzu Kids about their case

The Kudzu Kids decided to discuss their investigation with Detective Armstrong.

The Kudzu Kids updated Miss Zina on what they've learned so far

The Kudzu Kids visited Miss Zina again to update her on their investigation.


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