Zina and the Kudzu Kids look after each other

Zina Jacinto bio

Excerpt: "[Zina] developed a reputation of "crying wolf" and eventually…"

Riley Scott is a military wife with two kids and a demanding job

Riley Scott bio

Excerpt: [Riley] was not prepared for the financial hardship […] and was forced to…

Naomi may be eccentric, but no one doubts her love of animals

Naomi Temple bio

Excerpt: "[Naomi has] been disappointed more often than she'll admit when…"

Joey has plans to leave Oxford for California as soon as he can afford it

Joey Sims bio

Excerpt: "All [Joey] has to do to make his California dream a reality is…"

As a young newlywed, Andy suddenly found himself a wealthy man

Andy Osborne bio

Excerpt: "Andy wasn't happy about her decision but decided to…"

Charlene has always been driven and independent

Charlene Osborne bio

Excerpt: "[Charlene] would remain independent, whatever happened."

After a rough start, Butch found his furever home

Butch Osborne bio

Excerpt: "Butch sensed that this time would be…"

Franklin has always struggled to find his place in the world

Franklin Guyton bio

Excerpt: "[Franklin's] wife, Cindy, recently left him after thirty years of marriage because…"

Champ loves to play and spend time with his human, Franklin

Champ Guyton bio

Excerpt: "[Champ] has a bounce in his step and an eagerness to share his…"

Kiki fell in love with Oxford as a teen and has lived there ever since

Kiki Wilson bio

Excerpt: "While visiting Ivy League universities with her parents, Kiki discovered that her father was losing his…"

Lawrence has always been uncomfortable with his family's wealth

Lawrence Wilson bio

Excerpt: "[His parents] wanted to travel the world unencumbered, so Lawrence Jr. was…"

When Taz joined the Wilson family, he became the happy dog he was meant to be

Taz Wilson bio

Excerpt: "Due to neglect and lack of training, as well as his natural hyperactivity, Taz was…"

George never planned to be a pet owner

George Donnelly bio

Excerpt: "He was reeling […], but he had to take action, so he…"

Bolt has been miserable ever since he abruptly moved from Boston to Oxford

Bolt Donnelly bio

Excerpt: "At first, he whimpered and whined incessantly, but Bolt won Linda’s heart when…"

Ignatius felt rejected his whole life until he met his wife

Ignatius Hamblett bio

Excerpt: "Ignatius developed behavioral problems that led him to…"

Sally was disappointed when her marriage didn't turn out to be all she had hoped

Sally Hamblett bio

Excerpt: "[Sally] assumed things would improve after they…"

Tony knows who his true ally is in the home

Tony Hamblett bio

Excerpt: "Even the optimistic and tail-wagging Tony recognizes an enemy in…"

Quinn doesn't understand why more people don't marry for money. And love.

Quinn Preston bio

Excerpt: "[Quinn] tolerates a lot being married to Vince. Yes, she loves him, but…"

Vince has a big personality that can be challenging in large doses

Vince Preston bio

Excerpt: "Even though he’s married, [Vince] shamelessly…"

Lois is the most pampered pooch in town

Lois Preston bio

Excerpt: "If a dog could be considered royalty, [Lois] would be it."

Ms. Rickard has always been a bit of an odd bird

Ophelia Rickard bio

Excerpt: "Fearing that Ophelia would become completely housebound, her parents…"

Lucky has never been as happy as he is with Miss Ophelia

Lucky Rickard bio

Excerpt: "Ever since [Lucky] woke up in the hospital, life has been…"

From the beginning Becky has been smitten with David, quirks and all

Becky Young bio

Excerpt: "[Becky has] always been super supportive of David but realizes that he…"

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