Elvis expert Jared Plunk murderedWhat happened?

Investigation Day 1

Yoknapatawpha Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a body in a hallway at the Yoknapatawpha County Convention Center.

The dead man was identified as Jared Plunk, who was scheduled to speak at a conference at the YCCC later the same day.

After examining the crime scene, the detectives spoke with the woman who found Jared Plunk's bloody body.

Then they talked to Jared's wife, who was staying at the YCCC with her husband.

Later, they sat down with the conference organizer to find out more about Jared's role at the conference.

That afternoon, the news hit the streets not long before the detectives had a chance to review the evidence collected at the scene.

Investigation Day 2

The next morning, the detectives asked Yvonne some follow-up questions based on new information since their last conversation.

A little later, Max called to say he'd remembered a few things that might be relevant to the investigation.

The Detectives Murphy and Parker met with a young woman whose name has come up a few times.

Then they spoke with the woman who Jared replaced as keynote speaker on short notice.

Investigation Day 3

Detectives Murphy and Parker met with the conference co-organizer, Max's wife.

A little later, they talked to Sonya's husband about his sister and his family's relationships with the victim.

Then they asked the leader of the Elvis Faithful about his interactions with Jared Plunk.

Next, an Elvis tribute artist who was at the conference came in to speak with the detectives.

After that, the detectives talked to a man with a personal reason for attending the conference.

Investigation Day 4

The next morning, Detectives Murphy and Parker met with Jared's former business partner about their acrimonious history.

Then they had another chat with Yvonne.

After lunch, they met with a man seen loitering during the Elvis conference.

Later, the detectives talked to Alison and Max again to try to get answers to questions that have come up since they last spoke to the two of them.

Investigation Day 5

 In the morning, the detectives asked Sonya about what Alison had told them, and then they followed up with Peter on what his wife said.

That afternoon, Detectives Murphy and Parker spoke again with Elvis tribute artist Rose and Elvis Faithful pastor Carl.

Later, after they'd talked to a local waiter who contacted them claiming to have information, the detectives reviewed the preliminary forensics report.

At the end of the day, the coroner's office sent over a preliminary report on Jared Plunk's autopsy.

Investigation Day 6

The next morning, Detectives Murphy and Parker went to see a judge to get a few search warrants. They started with the Boyd residence.

Investigation Day 7

The following morning, the detectives executed a search warrant at the Snyder residence, and when they were finished, they had another conversation with Lindsey back at the station.

Investigation Day 8

The next day, Detectives Murphy and Parker conducted the last search on their list at the Davis residence.

When they got back to the station afterward, they made another attempt to get some sense out of Buzz.

Investigation Day 9

While they were waiting on the forensics, the detectives reviewed everyone's alibis and whether they could be corroborated.

Late that afternoon, the crime lab sent over a preliminary report on their comparison of evidence from the crime scene, the autopsy, and the searches.

Investigation Day 10

In light of the new information, Detectives Murphy and Parker brought in a suspect for another interview, which resulted in an arrest.


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