Freelance journalist Jared Plunk was allegedly about to reveal game-changing secrets about Elvis

Jared Plunk bio

Jared Plunk was born June 12, 1977, to Cecilia Renee Plunk. His mother was only 16 years old when he was conceived, and her parents kicked her out of their home as soon as they learned of the pregnancy. She then moved in with the baby's father, Lane Edwards. Soon after Jared's birth, Lane disappeared along with all of his belongings, leaving young Cecilia to fend for herself and her infant son.

Along with government assistance and food stamps, she also relied on many different men to support her and her young son. As Jared was growing up, he bonded with these many "daddies," his heart broken over and over again when the men left.

Jared learned at an early age that life is unfair and that people lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want.

Jared attended Yoknapatawpha County Public Schools, and managed to maintain a B average throughout his school years. His home life continued to be extremely unstable, and at the age of 15, Jared told classmates he would never again let anyone get close enough to him to hurt him. He said his new motto was "Do it to them before they do it to you."

During his senior year of high school, he got a full scholarship to the University of Mississippi, where he majored in music and minored in journalism. While attending college, he was assigned a mock interview with Elvis Presley, and during his research, he became fascinated with Elvis and his life. He became an avid collector and was always searching for new and interesting tidbits about Elvis.

After graduation, Jared landed a teaching job at Oxford Middle School. He was asked to help chaperone the Fall Fling dance for the students. During the dance, he met Alison Winslow. She was enthralled by his vast musical knowledge and soon fell for him.

While they were dating, Jared learned that Alison had accumulated a substantial nest egg, that she had no siblings, had never married and had no children. In other words, she was perfect for him. He knew she would make a good wife, and had the means to support him so he could quit his teaching job and pursue his journalism and writing. He proposed, and Alison accepted.

After their marriage, everything went according to Jared's plan, and he became a well-known journalist and Elvis specialist. He joined forces with Taylor Boyd in an Elvis-centric business, which proved to be quite successful.

Jared reportedly had several extramarital affairs, none of which lasted very long. He was more focused on building his business and making a name for himself in the Elvis Presley fan community.

Not long before his death, Jared contacted Max Snyder, saying he information about Elvis that would have a huge impact and urging Snyder to hire him to speak at his upcoming conference. Snyder agreed, bumping Sonya Davis as keynote speaker and replacing her with Jared.

This was the big break Jared had been hoping for, and he told friends he would surely become a wealthy man when he presented the secrets about Elvis at the conference, and then detailed those revelations in what would undoubtedly be a best-selling book.


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