Slide under a microscope

Preliminary forensic analysis findings on trace evidence from the crime scene and the victims.

Smiling woman with shoulder-length dark hair beside a smiling man with short graying hair

The detectives spoke to William & Virginia Harker about their employee Rick Gill.

Gloved hand holding strip of paper with a fingerprint on it

The Crime Lab analyzed prints from the crime scene at the Pruitt residence.

Sour-looking man with short dark hair

The detectives asked Rick to answer some questions that came up since their last conversation.

Husky smiling man in a suit with the Oxford Weekly Planet logo in the foreground

Oxford Weekly Planet guest post: City councilman questions progress in solving double homicide.

Seal of Yoknapatawpha County with the label 'Search Warrant'

The detectives obtained warrants to collect biological samples from potential suspects.

Seal of Yoknapatawpha County with the label 'Search Warrant'

YCSD investigators obtained a warrant to search Ned Fisher's residence and vehicle.

Seal of Yoknapatawpha County with the label 'Search Warrant'

YCSD investigators obtained a warrant to search Rick Gill's residence and vehicle.

Excerpt of a map labeled "New locations added"

The map has been updated with additional Yoknapatawpha County locations relevant to the investigation.

Pruitt-Fisher case alibis

Investigators summarized the alibis and whether they could be corroborated.

Hand signing a consent form

Rick Gill's employer gave investigators permission to search the offices and property.

Smiling woman with a dark bob haircut

The detectives asked Mira for more information about Robert and Gary's relationship and other questions.

Handgun wall display in a retail setting

Investigators canvassed gun dealers to review their sales records for .38 handgun & ammunition purchases.

Slide under a microscope

Updated report on trace evidence collected from the crime scene, the victims, and during searches.

Bullet casings

Updated ballistics analysis report on the evidence collected at the crime scene and during searches.

Overhead lamp in black and white with the words "Whodunit Quiz"

Test your theory of the case to see if you've successfully identified the killer(s).


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