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Alright fellow web-sleuths! Secret Sauce is heating up! Let's come together and figure out who our culprit is! Here's (mostly) what we've gathered thus far:

Devlin Beauchamp | Victim
Date / Time of Death: Between 10:25PM on 05/20/2023 and 2AM on 05/21/2023.
Cause of Death: Cerebral hemorrhaging and exsanguination due to blunt force trauma.
Manner of Death: Homicide: Bludgeoned to death with a smooth object with a 6cm diameter (likely a baseball bat).
Notes from Coroner's Report: "Multiple occurrences of blunt force trauma to the head resulting in extensive craniocerebral injuries... The initial blow was administered to the left side of the head at the temple... Ensuing blows were delivered in quick succession to the front and sides of the head... It cannot be determined which was the fatal blow, though several of the estimated seven strikes were potentially lethal... The instrument used to deliver these blows is approximately 6 cm in diameter with rounded edges and a smooth face... Toxicology came back Negative..."

I have to post my 5 most likely Suspects as comments, because the Forums won't allow me to post more than a paragraph or two at a time. See them each attached below as their own individual comments. Additional thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Did I miss anything important, or do you have someone else that might be a prime suspect?
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Natalie Posner | Suspicious Blackmailer/Stalker/Harasser (?)
Motive – Had been stalking / harassing the Victim for months (for a currently unknown reason). The possible blackmailing/harassing/stalking was bad enough that the Victim asked his attorney for advice (confirmed by the attorney’s letters).
Means – Allegedly has a history of beating men, with whom she has been intimate, to death with weapons of opportunity; i.e. fireplace pokers, baseball bats (allegedly confirmed by the Riesling Incident Report). Allegedly good at altering her appearance, so much so that people don’t readily recognize her (allegedly confirmed by Posner Bio & News Clippings).
Alibi (?) – Most recent harassment from Posner was around May 8th (confirmed by the letters from the Victim’s attorney). Known to use aliases to get close to the Victim (also confirmed by attorney’s letters). We don’t yet know what (possible blackmail) Posner had on the Victim that prevented him from going to the Police and telling them about her when she wouldn’t leave him alone.
Conflicting Info (?) – Unsure at this time if Posner and Webster are the same person or not, there are too many similarities between them. If they are not the same person, then we currently do not have enough information about Posner’s movements to make a sound assessment.
Opportunity – Right now, the only viable vein of opportunity is the fact that she can change her looks, her name, her car, etc., in order to get close to the Victim. Unless she is, in fact, Webster, we don’t have enough information to prove an opportunity existed for Posner.
Mickie Webster | Scorned Former Lover
Motive – Victim broke up with her because he didn’t want to get married, when she did. Resentment? Jealousy?
Means – Accessible baseball bats at the Home Plate and Victim’s residence. Knew where the Victim lived, has her own vehicle – easy mode of transportation, her boss had a key to the residence, and she “previously” had a key to the residence (but allegedly gave it back – unconfirmed).
Alibi (?) – At work until 9:30PM (confirmed by Bridges), went to James Food Center for juice and aspiring (unconfirmed), then was home around 10PM due to a migraine (unconfirmed). Got a call from a friend at 1130PM when she was at home (call confirmed by Rebine, location is not confirmed).
Conflicting Info (?) – Was driving Durham’s car that night (confirmed by Durham), which matched the description of the “suspicious vehicle” seen across the street from the Victim’s house on the night he was murdered.
Opportunity – Limited Opportunity. She was in Durham’s car, across the street from the Victim’s house on the night the Victim was murdered. She had been over to his house just the week before to have intercourse, so there’s no reason he wouldn’t have let her inside. They were in the same place, at the same time, and the span between 10:25PM and 11:15PM (nearly 50 minutes) is more than enough time to beat someone to death with a baseball bat. Rebine stated that Webster was “huffing and puffing” on the phone at 11:30PM, and that she thought she was smoking again – but it’s possible she was winded after the attack. Webster could have easily planted the murder weapon back at the Home Plate the following day, before the emergency meeting about the Victim’s death, since she was working.
Jordan Rodale | Victim’s Half-Brother
Motive – Victim refused to hand over the journals from their deceased Mother’s estate, which he needed for his novel. Without the journals he would be unable to write his novel, and since he had already spent the $300K advancement from the promise of the novel, he would become financially destitute and his writing career would be over.
Means – Right now, he doesn’t really have a means, unless he got help from someone.
Alibi (?) – Was in Memphis, TN, with his boyfriend, and then flew to New York for a business trip, and was “extremely busy” (partially unconfirmed).
Conflicting Info (?) – Right now, there is no conflicting information.
Opportunity – Right now, he doesn’t really have the opportunity, unless he got help from someone (?) like his secretary or boyfriend, but even then, that’s a stretch.
Kat Dixon | Rejected Wannabe Lover (?)
Motive – Claimed she and Victim were “in love,” but the Victim wasn’t dating her. Naivety? Jealousy? Was also aware that the Victim was trying to buy out her father (she found the offer letter from Franklin Enterprises). Angry/Defensive of her father?
Means – Accessible baseball bats at the Home Plate and Victim’s residence. Knew where the Victim lived, has her own vehicle – easy mode of transportation, and her father had a key to the residence.
Alibi (?) – Wasn’t feeling well, so went home around 10PM, went to sleep, woke up when her dad got home (partially confirmed by Carl, who said he saw his daughter’s light on from under her bedroom door, but didn’t physically see her), then went back to sleep until 8AM next morning (unconfirmed), when she got up to go to an exercise class the next morning at 8AM (unconfirmed).
Conflicting Info (?) – Fingerprints (master bedroom) and Hair (master bathroom) put her in the Victim’s home prior to his death. Date and time unknown, but it had to have been recently, if not the night of, because the cleaning crew had not yet come to clean the residence.
Opportunity – Mostly unaccounted for (“with her friends” a bit, then “not feeling well and coming home” a bit) from roughly 4:30PM on Friday the 19th until 11:03AM on Sunday the 21st when she texted her friends Beckmeire & Jones. Was unscheduled to work until Saturday the 27th. 26 hours is more than enough time to kill someone, and plant the murder weapon back at the Home Plate under the bar, she had her own vehicle, and the Victim wouldn’t have any reason not to let her into his home, since she had been there before, and they were “close.” Then she had the following week off to “recover” from her horrific ordeal with no one the wiser.
Carl Dixon | Business Partner
Motive – Victim was trying to franchise the business out from under him, and no intention of allowing him to be involved. Victim was also “fooling around” with his daughter, and he didn’t like that one bit. He even had them followed by a P.I. because he didn’t trust the Victim’s word that “nothing serious” was going on.
Means – Accessible baseball bats at the Home Plate and Victim’s residence. Knew where the Victim lived, has his own vehicle – easy mode of transportation, and had a key to the residence.
Alibi (?) – Argued with the Victim about the buy-out & his daughter around 10PM (confirmed in his 2nd interview), was at the Home Plate until midnight (confirmed by Bridges), said he went to get smokes at the Chevron and “drive around to cool off” (unconfirmed), then went home and went to bed around 12:30AM (partially confirmed by Kat, she didn’t physically see him when he got home, but she checked on him at 8AM the next morning when she turned his cell phone ringer off).
Conflicting Info (?) – Right now, there is no conflicting information.
Opportunity – Limited opportunity. Death occurred before 2AM, which only give Carl 1.5 hours to commit the crime, take the bat back to the Home Plate and hide it under the bar, get home, see his daughter’s light, discard of what would have been very bloody clothing, shower, then climb into bed.
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