Friday, May 19 2023
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So, I making my final report for this case. The Suspect is Hank Peterson. He was snitched out by his fellow crime friend Jolene Wright. Jolene came to the police and told them that she and Hank were going to pull a blackmail prank on Charles, but Hank brought it to far, and there was no agreement with Jolene on what Hank did. The Original Plan was to have Jolene seduce Charles and then have him have sex with her and Hank was to take pictures of them both and use them to blackmail Charles to do something for Hank, but instead of the camera Hank unexpectedly came into the room and shot Charles in the head and in the right bottom side of his ear as well. Instantly killing him, and Jolene was in shock and didn't agree to this plan and fled the scene in fear that she would be involved. Also, Jolene has no proof of Hank committing the crime and the detectives want Jolene to have a wire on her and try to talk Hank into spilling the truth and then they have the evidence. Also, Hank threatened to kill Jolene if she told on him and that is one of the reasons Jolene is refusing to go through with the detectives plan, but hopefully she will go through with it because if she doesn't the crime that Hank committed falls on Jolene and says that Jolene is the one who committed the crime not Hank. So, that is my final report and I am looking forward to any comments or reviews on this report.

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