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  3. Wednesday, August 12 2020
will Sands ID's a guy he knows as Benito dropping large bills at his saloon.

What are the chances of getting the serial numbers from those notes to check against the known Fontaine withdrawal notes, recorded by the banker?

Also, thought about submitting the Fontaine Unknown male DNA to 23 and Me to see of it returns a family member related to the unknown males?

Might be a way to trace the unknowns to family members in their database.
  1. Bernacus
  2. 2 months ago
  3. #192
The interview with Ashley contains a reference to an injury to Grants arm.

Was this injury documented and examined by detectives?
Was it a cut and where on the arm was it located?

The .25 cal pistol:
How many round capacity was the magazine?
How many rounds were in the weapon?
There was 1 spent casing and 1 "apparently danaged bullet"
1.) Was this a spent projectile?
2.) If the weapon was discharged on the scene, where was the fired projectile located?
3.) If not, then what was yhe nature of the apparent damage? Viz. An entire, intact, unfired shell with damage?

Is it possible that the bartender witnessed Grant handing off a key or security codes to Benito when he saw them in the lot in an apparent "drug deal"?
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