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  3. Monday, August 10 2020
There's a reciept in the evidence inventory from the bank.
I'm assuming that this is the $15k he withdrew earlier in the day.
Given the house was ransacked, was that money ever located?
Was he with anyone else when he went to the bank?
Is there security footage showing him outside in his vehicle or any interactions or known scumbags visiting the bank at the same approximate time? Someone with a record or known to the police?
I guess I'm asking if someone saw him enter the bank or withdraw a large sum of money and is not above retrieving it.

What's more, that cash if it's not accounted for, the serial numbers are recorded. Can we see if anyone has been dropping hundos at area businesses. More importantly, can we check to see of any of those notes are or have turned up anywhere?
Can we get a list of the serial numbers and have it sent out for the townies to keep an eye out for?

If someone made off with a wad of cash. They're bound to spend it if it hasn't been laundered.
And I have doubts that whoever killed Fontaine is professional enough to have that money cleaned.

As an aside, how much truth to the rumors that Grant Is on Brunos will?

Can we get Kyle in for an interview, with a check of his record?

2 unknown males at the scene. Do they have a match in the national database?

Possible Grant/Kyle at scene?

If Grant is Brunos kid.. then his DNA wouldn't match Filthy Phils. But it would Brunos.

So can we request swabs from these guys?

Was Philip onto this rumor and out to get a DNA test on Grant?
Several individuals have mentioned research.

How much couldva DNA test cost?? A private I?
  1. Bernacus
  2. 2 months ago
  3. #191
My hunch isn't good enough.

However, surreptitious collection is a way.
So long as the sample is being compared to samples taken from an active investigation.

That said, asking for a swab doesn't have to produce a swab. It just has to illicit a reaction to read. And it may put more pressure on suspects. Used as a tactic to shake something out.

And we can always pass it off as wanting to eliminate the donor from the investigation.

I'm still holding out that Kyle will spill the beans on something juicy.
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