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  3. Sunday, August 09 2020
Someone needs to get down to talk to the M/E and find out if the injuries to his right wrist and the hematoma on the back of his head, are consistent with a blow from a cane.

Find out if Philip was a righty or a lefty.

Can we find out if the partial on tjecane matches any persons of interest?
Also,can we find out of there's gunshot residue on the cane.
  1. Bernacus
  2. 2 months ago
  3. #187
Is there an ABO for Grant or Ashley?
Have any samples been sent to a lab for DNA? And has anyone requested a swab from any of our persons of interest?
  1. Bernacus
  2. 2 months ago
  3. #188
Persons of interest:
Ashley Fontaine. 3 plausible motives.
1.)Suspected romantic involvement/affair with Grant Fontaine. She want's Philip gone.
2.) An interest in keeping herself married to Philip Fontaine who was confirned in an interview to have queried "new divorce laws."
Which I suspect ties into the statement made by his personal trainer/side piece. In regards to his flirtations with divorcing Ashley.
Point is, If Ashley gets nailed cheating with Philips own son.. What's that do to her chances of getting any piece of the estate after Phil kicks off? What's that do to her case for alimony or compensation for anything if she gets busted banging the kid?
3.) Seeing to it that her new man gets the estate before Philip writes him out of the will. (Which we can confirm he did in a rough draft.)
(Where is that rough draft?)

Grant Fontaine.
1.) Loses out on the estate if his dad writes him off. (See above)
2.) Want's Ashley to himself.
3.) Is currently wracking up severe debt and is under pressure to get his hands on cash to pay it off.
4.) He hates Philip.

Their alibis together wouldnt even make a single working alibi. They have the motive for a few reasons and reasons in common to off Philip.

It's all about Phils Philly.
I believe Phil had someone at gunpoint. And that injury to the back of his head was a nasty surprise from behind. With a cane.

Or that cane fractured his right forearm to disable the weapon. Still not sure how. But the whys coming along
  1. Bernacus
  2. 2 months ago
  3. #189
I'm going to say that at this point, I'm not checking anyone off. The DNA says 2 males were also present. Or at least, the DNA from 2 males.
That doesn't neccesarily rule out Ashley as being there. It does make me wonder a bit more about this Kyle fella. Does he have a record? Can it be ran from here and the surrounding areas as well?
  1. Bernacus
  2. 2 months ago
  3. #190
I'm not married to the idea. I was married to the idea that multiple assailants were present.
I like the idea that the cane was used to disable his ability to handle a weapon. That's pending the intell on whether he was a righty or lefty.
But it's all subject to change.
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