Tuesday, July 28 2020
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I think that the son and father were fighting and it got physical which explains the defensive wounds. I think Philip Fontaine then picked up the kitchen knife and cut Grant’s arm. Then I believe Grant disarmed the knife and stabbed Philip Fontaine causing his death. However I think that Ashley Fontaine came home to Philip’s dead body and tried protecting her son by trashing the house to look like a burglary and even went so far as to fire a couple of gun shots (failing the first one, hence the broken bullet) then called the police after getting her and Grant’s stories straight.
10 months ago
Have you been able to explore any other motives? In the news report and the BIO there are quite a few more people to question and evidence to be looked at. I think this may be a premature answer. However I think you're on to something with Grant and his father having a fight for sure. That was one of my thoughts as well as Grant did have a cut on his arm (which Ashley was quick to point out by the way). I think they're the obvious suspects and that Grant may be being set up. It's all too easy. I want to see all the evidence. As this is a case where everything has been brought in I was hoping to have more pieces released at one time. Anyway, my two cents for what it's worth.
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