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  3. Saturday, August 15 2020
what are some of the whodunnits people are playing with?

I have several ideas. My favorite 2 at the moment are:

And Grant/Bruno

Grant Benito seems very plausible considering they both have lousy alibis. They both have injuries consistent with the crime scene and the injuries to Philip.
Benito was seen several times at the Roadhouse. Had a window of time to murder Philip.
Changed clothes and washed up and had injuries to his knuckles. Like he'd been in a dust up.
He was also drinking heavily later in the evening.

Grant had a cut on his arm and an injury to his nose.
That said, they were seen in the lot earlier by the Roadhouse barkeep.
Making an apparent exchange of some sort. Either it was a straight across drug deal. Or Grant was passing security details like a key and pass codes to access the Fontaine residence.

Grant was said by the jailhouse informant that he had a significant drug debt to Benito or another dealer.

If the debt was to Benito, then the 15K in cash was taken by Benito to satisfy Grants debt, with interest.

Grant gets the estate because Philip never got to finalize his will to exclude Grant.

And both have injuries consistent with a physical altercation. Benito was described as changing his clothes and cleaning himself up in the bathroom with bloody knuckles.
And Grant had sustained some kind of injury to his nose and had a cut on his arm.
Given the location pf Philips stab wound, it seems possible that Grant recieved his cut by having his arm in near the location where the blade entered Philip. On his side and to the back. Perhaps involved with a struggle with Philip when someone came up from the side and rear and shoved the blade in.
Feel free to share your theories and elaborate.
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The Grant Bruno connection doesn't really have much to support itself.

Even though Bruno threatened to kill Philip. I can't seem to find evidence that Bruno was involved in a dust-up. Philip had several injuries. To his face, the back of his head. His hands and forearm. Having a broken wrist and busted up knuckles.

Bruno had no obvious injuries and the detectives didn't ask him to look at his body for signs of trauma.

That said, it's possible Grant had an altercation with Philip, and the murder happened after.

Someone could have followed Grant in or had been waiting for an opportunity. And it could easily be a coincidence that Grant has a bloody nose from a fight that happened earlier. I don't neccesarily think that's the case. But I'm still not really sure there's a motive for Bruno to suddenly murder a guy he's been having drama with for decades. Until more information is brought forward, it's hard to say for certain with the files and evidence available.
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