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  3. Saturday, August 08 2020
Not a detective tillthis Friday. Was hoping to find out whether Philip was tested for gunpowder residue on his hands/clothing/skin etc?

And also, since it was immediately apparent to the R/O's and I/O's that a firearm had been discharged in the residence, were the others present, Grant and Mrs. Fontaine, tested for the same?

And is it possible that this was overlooked?

Is it still an active crime scene that forensic investigators can or detectives can acquire the clothing that Grant and Mrs. Fontaine were wearing that night/day?

I don't recall reading whether they were tested immediately/at all for residue that night?

I'd be intersted to find out who actually discharged the weapon. Whether the weapon was fired recently. And who, if any of the Fontaines actually have residue or trace ammounts on their clothing.
I earned 400 points and promoted myself to Detective.
Giving me access to the case files formerly off limits.

According to the M/E, residue was found and Philip did discharge his weapon.

I beleive he discharged the firearm after having been struck either to the back of his head or his right hand wrist with the cane found at the scene. I'm lesbing heavily towards Ashley and Grant as the culprits.
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