1. Noah
  2. Discuss the Case
  3. Friday, November 08 2019
Not exactly a crime, but I’m trying to find someone that my friend was crushing on (they met him at McDonald’s, flirted, and he gave her a free McFlurry). I’m wondering if anyone can give me guidance as to how in the world to find this man... So here’s what I know:

1) where they worked in March (including a specific shift time and date), 2) general timeframe when they quite 3) 1 or 2 names that probably would be their first name, 4) a general physical description, and 5) a very general first impression personality description
  1. Raaj Chhatre
  2. 11 months ago
  3. #171
If you remember how they physically look like you can find them through their initial name visiting their previous organisation if you know so...otherwise you may visit the Mc DOnald and check the cctv footage at the bill counter also if he or she might have made the payment through credit card so you could be able to know the details visiting the bank of which the cards had been used at the McD..on counter part if you could get few additional details of his/her residence then checking over on social media will give you some chance of getting some sort of info. you may try this stuff may help you..
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