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Maybe I’m not thinking clearly or focusing on this one, because I have no clue what’s going on. When I have one theory, a piece of evidence pops up that pokes all kinds of holes in it.
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I'm back...
Isabel Penner (bartender at the Home Plate) said that Devlin has been gone for about 3 hours on a "lunch date", returning at about 4:30. (We know it's his brother) And that Devlin had had a lot of "lunch dates" recently. The waitress at the restaurant, Georgia Davis, said that they sat down at about 3:10 - 3:15. and left a little before 4:30. But 'three hours' would have Devlin going on his "lunch date " at about 1:30. What or who was Devlin doing for the missing one and a half hours? We know some of the "lunch dates" might have to do with Franklin and the offer, but it sounds like a lot of that was done by phone to New Orleans. Could this be part of the Natalie Posner story? Anyone have any clues or theories?
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I feel the same way! I don't think it's possible that Micki and Natalie are the same after the detailed biographies. Maybe Vanessa Palmer from the Franklin Group? (There's a real stretch for ya.) But without the Mickie connection how on earth is Devlin connected to Natalie Posner? Why would he even be aware of her? She would be about 40 years old, could have any colored hair. Maybe a connection to the diaries? Why would she care about some little restaurant guy in Mississippi? She may have some experience with beating men to death, but the Ivan thing was a long time coming and most likely heat of the moment, crime of passion. Devlin's murderer took the weapon with them, didn't leave prints, knew to leave the second bat at the restaurant (assuming that's the weapon).
I'm lost!
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