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  4. Wednesday, 01 August 2018
Wow, I'm totally behind. I'm posting here because I'm trying to make sense of what I've read. Please chime in everyone, I'm lost:p !
So, I am looking at the evidence from the house (prints etc.) It seems to me that Carl's prints, hair etc. pretty much back up his story. He enters, finds the body, and stumbles around making the call, throwing up, basically quietly panicking while waiting for the police.
Devlin had a cleaning service, so I'm thinking that a lot of surfaces get wiped down fairly regularly, the floors vaccummed, a general going over. Some of the unidentified prints are probably the cleaning person, the mop, broom, vac; it would be helpful to know if any of the unidentified prints match up with each other as well as hair samples. This cleaning person would have been all over the house. just for elimination (unless they are the perp! lol)
Some hair has been tied to Carl and Devlin - expected. But there is short shoulder length black hair - ex-girlfriend Micki? - and @4 inch length brown (10cm) could be short female or long male - and 24 cm light brown, shoulder length. Would any of you consider Kat as having light brown hair? Just looking at her picture I'd say dyed blond with dark roots (snark!:o ) What is the hair sample from the cleaning person? Has Jordan been fingerprinted?
This might be a case of who had been to the house and didn't leave prints. With Carl having found the body, (assuming 'found') he would have left trace blood all over the place as he scampered around but the murderer would have been a bloody mess after the beating and no matter how careful would have left trace everywhere they went after the murder. How dopey do you have to be to leave a shirt with 'red stains' hanging around your house? You would get rid of everything you had on, shoes etc.
The rest of you guys are much, much more aware of the little details and big picture, what do you make of the evidence?
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They’ve most likely already excluded cleaning personnel and it’s just not stated. They would have done that immediately.
The brown and black hairs are probably Mickie’s, based on Jessica’s interview, but it can be confirmed with a hair sample request from her.
I suspect the red stains on the shirts found so far will turn out to be wine or ketchup or from a shaving nick or something. Whoever killed Devlin, their shirt would have been pretty much covered in blood.
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