Video message from Gramps

The Kudzu Kids got some inside info from Rachel and Hunter's grandfather

Hunter and Rachel's grandfather, Mike Armstrong, has been helping us out since we found the bone. He used to be a cop, and now he's a private investigator.

Mr. Armstrong used his video email setup to send us some insider information.


Now as far as this mystery you got yourselves involved in where you found the phone number in the professor's garbage — you should already have that number. I've seen it in your files.

You've got to start acting like an investigator. Be a detective!

I went by UPD* and poked around a bit and found a report over there. The report says,

"On the evening of July 30th, a pizza guy reporting a— reported a delivery ordered to the Grove at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. The instructions were to leave it next to the manhole with a red candle burning on top."

Of course, the pizza guy gets scared and he calls UPD, and they get involved.


* UPD = University Police Department


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