How did Ursula respond to the evidence implicating her in Andrea Stover's death?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 – 12:05 p.m.

Ursula Raines is the girlfriend of the victim's best friend, Gretchen Doyle.

After Detective Murphy found some key evidence while executing the search warrant, she hurried back to the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department to join Detective Armstrong's interview with Ursula Raines, which was already in progress.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Ursula Raines

Detective Armstrong: Thanks for waiting, Ursula. Sorry that took so long.

Ursula Raines: It’s about time you got back.

Detective Armstrong: I apologize. Listen, the boss wants me to ask you to sign this form. It’s just routine. You know how the brass loves its bureaucracy.

Ursula Raines: A Miranda waiver? Are you reading me my rights?

Detective Armstrong: It’s just standard procedure at this stage of an investigation.

Ursula Raines: Oh, all right. Is that all you need? I’ve been sitting in here forever, and I need to get back to work.

Detective Armstrong: It’s a real testament to how much you love Gretchen that you were willing to wait. I hope she knows how much you care about her.

Ursula Raines: Of course she does.

Detective Armstrong: Is she equally devoted to you?

Ursula Raines: Of course she is. Why would you even ask that?

Detective Armstrong: I was just thinking about what you said earlier about respecting the love another person has for you.

Ursula Raines: What are you trying to say? Gretchen and I have more than respect for each other. We’re soulmates, deeply bonded by love, and no one can ever come between us.

Detective Armstrong: I never thought otherwise. Did you?

Ursula Raines: Gretchen and I have never been anything but completely faithful to each other from the moment we met.

Detective Armstrong: I see.

Ursula Raines: What are you trying to say? What do you see?

Detective Murphy: Good afternoon, Ms. Raines. I’m glad you’re still here. I would’ve hated to miss you.

Detective Armstrong: Come on in, Detective Murphy. Ursula and I were just discussing love and devotion. She’s been very patient with me today.

Detective Murphy: Glad to hear it. Not everyone can manage such patience with you. Since you’re here, Ursula, I wanted to ask you. What kind of car do you drive?

Ursula Raines: A Chevy Cobalt.

Detective Armstrong: You like it?

Ursula Raines: It gets me where I need to go.

Detective Murphy: What color is it?

Ursula Raines: Green. Why do you ask?

Detective Murphy: Just double-checking some information that’s come up during our investigation.

Ursula Raines: Don’t you have a database or something where you can look up things like that?

Detective Murphy: Unfortunately, the database isn’t always up-to-date. That’s why I wanted to check with you. Now that that’s out of the way, have you ever been to The Roadhouse Bar and Grill?

Ursula Raines: Maybe once or twice?

Detective Murphy: Recently?

Ursula Raines: I don’t know. Why?

Detective Murphy: Someone thought they saw you there.

Ursula Raines: Well, it wasn’t me.

Detective Murphy: How do you know? I haven’t even told you when they saw you there.

Ursula Raines: Because I don’t go there.

Detective Murphy: I see. Well, I guess that person was wrong then.

Ursula Raines: I guess so.

Detective Murphy: By any chance, do you recognize this button? Someone said it looked like the ones on your coat.

Ursula Raines: I’m wearing my coat, and you can see it doesn’t match these buttons.

Detective Murphy: Oh, yes. I see that. They must have been thinking of someone else’s coat.

Detective Armstrong: Unless she has more than one coat?

Detective Murphy: That’s a good point. Do you have more than one coat, Ursula?

Ursula Raines: I’m sure I have at one time.

Detective Murphy: But not now?

Ursula Raines: I’m not sure. It hasn’t been that cold this winter. I might have another coat in the back of my closet.

Detective Murphy: What about on the back of your door?

Ursula Raines: What are you talking about?

Detective Murphy: Does the coat in this photo look familiar to you?

Ursula Raines: Where did you get that?

Detective Murphy: The photo, I took myself. The coat we found hanging on the back of your bedroom door.

Ursula Raines: You went in my home?

Detective Murphy: We did.

Ursula Raines: How dare you? That’s an invasion of my privacy.

Detective Murphy: We had a search warrant.

Ursula Raines: You what? Is that why you kept me here all this time? So I wouldn’t find out that your partner was ransacking my house?

Detective Armstrong: I didn’t keep you here. You volunteered to stay.

Ursula Raines: Because you tricked me.

Detective Armstrong: Not at all. I told you I thought you could help us clear Gretchen of any involvement in Andrea’s death. I still think that.

Detective Murphy: You know what's interesting, Detective Armstrong? It looks like this button here matches the ones on that coat in the photo.

Detective Armstrong: Now that you mention it, I think you might be right. What do you think, Ursula?

Ursula Raines: I think you’re both out of your minds, and I’d like to leave.

Detective Murphy: Don’t you want to know what else we found in your house?

Ursula Raines: What? An old pair of socks I forgot I had?

Detective Murphy: Jewelry.

Ursula Raines: So what? Everyone has jewelry.

Detective Armstrong: Would you mind sitting back down, Ursula? It makes it easier for us to talk.

Ursula Raines: Fine.

Detective Murphy: You’re absolutely right. Everyone has jewelry, but not everyone has jewelry like this.

Ursula Raines: What is that?

Detective Murphy: I’m told it’s an antique poison locket.

Ursula Raines: Okay. So?

Detective Murphy: So this one belonged to Andrea Stover.

Ursula Raines: No, it didn’t. Gretchen gave it to me.

Detective Armstrong: She did? Oh, that’s good. We’ll just get her in here to verify that, and then you’ll be all set.

Detective Murphy: What’s wrong, Ursula? You don’t want us to do that?

Ursula Raines: You’ve upset Gretchen enough with all of this. Just leave her alone.

Detective Armstrong: That puts us in a real spot, though. Our information is that Gretchen gave this necklace to Andrea, but you’re saying she gave it to you. The easiest way to resolve the confusion is to just ask Gretchen.

Ursula Raines: Don’t do that!

Detective Murphy: Maybe we won’t have to. It would clear up some of the confusion if you could tell us what you were doing at The Roadhouse the night Andrea was killed.

Ursula Raines: I wasn’t there.

Detective Murphy: Well, strictly speaking, I suppose that’s true. You were in the parking lot.

Ursula Raines: I was not.

Detective Armstrong: Ursula, you were seen. We know you were there.

Detective Murphy: What were you doing? Keeping an eye on Gretchen? Making sure she wasn’t getting too cozy with Andrea?

Ursula Raines: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Detective Murphy: You must have seen something you didn’t like because when they left, you followed Andrea, not Gretchen.

Ursula Raines: I did no such thing. I was home in bed.

Detective Murphy: You must’ve followed her all the way to Oxford Centre. When she got out of her car to look around, you decided to have it out with her over Gretchen.

Ursula Raines: You’re crazy.

Detective Murphy: But something went wrong. Did Andrea tell you that you couldn’t control her relationship with Gretchen? That she would always come first in Gretchen’s heart?

Ursula Raines: That’s not true!

Detective Murphy: She made you angry. Things got out of control, and Andrea ended up dead on the concrete below.

Ursula Raines: None of that happened. I told you, I was home in bed.

Detective Armstrong: Ursula, this isn’t going to work. It’s time for you to tell us the truth.

Ursula Raines: I have told you the truth. If you don’t believe me, that’s your problem. I’d like to leave now.

Detective Murphy: Okay. Detective Armstrong will see you out. I think I can just catch Gretchen on her way back to the office after lunch.

Ursula Raines: I told you to leave her alone!

Detective Armstrong: We understand that you want to protect her, but you’re not giving us any other choice.

Ursula Raines: I’m not letting you tell her any of your lies, and I’m not staying here another minute listening to your insane theories.

Detective Armstrong: This isn’t about Gretchen anymore, Ursula. This is about you now. Tell us what happened between you and Andrea that night so we can help you.

Ursula Raines: I’m not telling you anything. I’m leaving.

Detective Armstrong: You know we can’t let you leave.

Ursula Raines: What are you talking about?

Detective Murphy: You’re under arrest, Ursula.

End interview 12:50 a.m.

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