Preliminary findings of DNA comparison of known and unknown blood samples

The crime lab provided preliminary findings of the comparison of blood samples collected at the crime scene and known samples from persons of interest.

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  Tonyk0007 — It sure seems to indicate just the one person....
  Scarlett — This analysis appears to have excluded all suspects except f......

Arrest ReportA suspect has been arrested in the Victor Jennings homicide investigation.

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  Tonyk0007 — Okay ...
  Scarlett — We still need to see his post arrest interview to make sure ......

Interview with the suspect arrested for the murder of Victor Jennings

After obtaining an arrest warrant and taking a suspect into custody, the detectives interviewed the suspect one more time about the murder of Victor Jennings.

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  Tonyk0007 — Ray,Ray,Ray...

Arrest in Jennings MurderThe Oxford Eagle newspaper reports on the arrest of a suspect in the Victor Jennings homicide investigation.

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