three-interviews2Detectives brought in the Brandt family in hopes of finally resolving this case. In this article, view all three interviews in the order they were conducted.

Det. Harvey

Biloxi P.D Detective Chris Harvey contacted Detectives Armstrong and Murphy regarding a discovery made in a Biloxi cemetery over the weekend.

Mason York

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy invited Mason York to come in for another interview to clarify a few open questions.

rhea-hallA local woman contacted the YCSD to say she might have information about the skull RJ Brandt brought to school. The detectives interviewed her that same day.

Tristan Lowell

Tristan Lowell was apprehended in St. Peter's Cemetery on Sunday night and taken into custody for vandalism. The detectives asked him to explain his actions.

Ronny Brandt

The detectives re-interviewed Ronny Brandt to find out more about allegations he abused his son RJ and a claim that he has a second daughter named Gracie.

preacherEmanuel Olson is the pastor of Family of Faith Church in Biloxi. The Brandts attended his church when they lived there and still occasionally contact him.

amelia-paxtonOn Sunday night, Mrs. Amelia Paxton reported a disturbance in St. Peter's Cemetery that apparently involved Tristan Lowell.

gordon-snyderThe detectives went to Biloxi to interview Gordon Snyder, after finding his name in the Brandts' phone records around the time RJ brought the skull to school.

man3The detectives re-interviewed Andy Brandt as part of their ongoing effort to learn where the skull came from and to inquire about some other areas of interest.

Tristan Lowell

The detectives re-interviewed RJ Brandt's friend Tristan Lowell to try to find out if he knows where the skull came from.

marianna-yorkMarianna York isn't a big fan of her husband Mason's efforts to work with RJ Brandt, even though the minister at their church asked him to do it.

mason-yorkAfter canvassing members of the Brandts' church, the detectives decided to invite Mason York in for a longer interview about his work with RJ Brandt.

RJ Brandt

The detectives decided to talk to RJ again to see if he would be more forthcoming about where he got the skull he brought to school.

biloxi-pdTo find out more about the Brandts' time in Biloxi and the death of their daughter there, the detectives spoke to Detective Chris Harvey, Biloxi P.D.

man3RJ Brandt's uncle Andy has stayed with the Brandts occasionally since he relocated to Oxford. Detectives hoped he could provide some insight into the family.

tattoo-boyPeople say Tristan Lowell is RJ Brandt's closest friend and possibly his only friend.

Heather Brandt, RJ's mother

Detectives asked Heather Brandt to come in for a second interview so they could follow up on information uncovered since their last conversation.

CHURCH-4Detectives interviewed members of the Brandt family's church after RJ Brandt brought a possibly-human skull to school.

canvass-neighborsDetectives canvassed neighbors of the Brandt family after RJ Brandt claimed he dug up a possibly-human skull in his backyard.

teachers-canvassDetectives interviewed OMS teachers after one of their students, RJ Brandt, brought a possibly-human skull to school.

students-canvassAfter getting the necessary permissions, detectives interviewed OMS students after a classmates, RJ Brandt, brought a possibly-human skull to school.

Peter-VicknairDetectives spoke to OMS science teacher Peter Vicknair to learn more RJ Brandt's behavior and performance in school.

ronny-brandtRonny Brandt is RJ's father. At the detectives' request, he came in to the YCSD for an interview to discuss his son and the skull he brought to school.

motherHeather Brandt is RJ Brandt's mother. She came to the school after being notified her son was found showing a skull he claimed was human to other students.

boy-bones2OMS student RJ Brandt brought a skull to school and told classmates that it was a little girl's. Detectives interviewed him with his mother's permission.


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