Interview: Canvass of Brandt Neighbors

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed the Brandts' neighbors to learn more about the family and son RJ in particular. The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.

Name: Suzanne Meadows
Address: 215 Brittany Dr.

Miss Meadows lives next door to the Brandts and has her own home business selling scrapbook designs. She has lived in the neighborhood for twelve years. She said she doesn't know the Brandt family that well, but thinks their son was trouble. She could not state any facts to back up that opinion, but said he dressed and acted like a troublemaker, "him and that Lowell boy." She added that the Brandt parents seldom were home before midnight. She said she had thought about calling Child Protective Services, but didn't like to pry in to her neighbors' lives. She did know the Simpson family who had lived there previously, but they also had stayed to themselves and were not friendly to her.

Name: Cherrie Lavandar
Address: 204 Brittany Dr.

Mrs. Lavandar lives across the street from the Brandt family and said that she attempted to be neighborly with them, but it was hard to do as they were seldom home. When she had brought a plate of cookies over one time, the boy who lives there took them and didn't say thank you or anything. She doubted that the parents even knew she brought them over. She said the parents didn't seem to be home much, but other than that she didn't know much about them. She had known the Simpson family that lived there previously, but not that well as they had liked to have home parties and she was not invited.

Name: Mark Andrews
Address: 214 Brittany Dr.

Mr. Andrews said he didn't know the Brandts but had known the Simpsons who had lived there previously. He said he had been good friends with them and had been over to the house numerous times. The Simpsons had three children: a boy, ten, and two younger girls, eight and three. He said the Simpsons had moved to Springfield, Ohio, and the house had remained vacant until the Brandt family moved in. Mr. Andrews said he was no longer in touch with the Simpson family, but knew they were good people.

Name: Zeek Walters
Address: 197 Brittany Dr.

Mr. Walters did not know the Brandt family, other than to say he often saw the young boy digging in the backyard. He didn't know what the young boy was digging, but it was a very large hole. He also said he had never met or seen the boy's parents but figured that, like most people, they worked long hours. He also did not know the Simpson family who had lived there before, but said they had kept the backyard nice and well-maintained.

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