Interview: Canvass of OMS Teachers

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy canvassed RJ Brandt's teachers at Oxford Middle School. The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.

Name: May Hall
Subject: Social Studies

Ms. Hall characterized RJ Brandt as a bit of an odd child. She described him as a loner and said he seems depressed. She said he seems to have no friends at school and he acts as though he doesn't want to be there. He turns in schoolwork half-finished and shows no interest in the material that is currently being studied. Ms. Hall said she is trying to reach out to RJ to help him improve, but so far he hasn't been receptive.

Name: Lucy Honah
Subject: Math

Mrs. Honah said RJ is very antisocial and has no desire to learn. She also said RJ seems to despise other students who participate or have the right answers in class. Mrs. Honah said she believes RJ could be a very bright student but he lacks the drive and motivation to do anything about it.

Name: Jack Henderson
Subject: Physical Education

Mr. Henderson said that in his PE class, RJ Brandt lacks physical energy and doesn't want to participate in sports. Mr. Henderson also said RJ occasionally brings a note from his parents asking that RJ not participate because he isn't feeling well. On those days, RJ sits out on the bleachers in the gym and shows no interest in helping clean up the gym at the end of the class, although he does, Mr. Henderson added probably to avoid trouble.

Name: Jessie Colten
Subject: English

Mrs. Colten said RJ seems to be self-conscious and gets angry when asked to read aloud in class. When asked if he read an excerpt from an assigned book, RJ claims that he has, but by his schoolwork, it is apparent that he did not read the selection. Mrs. Colten also said she isn't sure about RJ's reading level and is considering a talk with the school principal about testing RJ to see what level he is on.

Name: Clifford Jones
Subject: Art

Mr. Jones said RJ Brandt seems to have a morbid side and likes to draw dark images in his classroom. Mr. Jones also said RJ doesn't generally draw what is required for the assignment and instead turns in things that Mr. Jones feels are questionable. Mr. Jones said he's ready to hand over the artwork to the school principal so RJ can be evaluated for depression.

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