Austin Maxwell is now a student at Ole MissDOB: 4/4/91
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: Missing persons' brother
Excerpt: "[T]he charge did not appear on his record because he entered a YCSD diversion program and will stay off his record unless he is caught again with..."

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  lgillette — I'm confused about the arrest date, May 2009. He currently a......

Robin Maxwell moved to Oxford with her husband over 20 years agoDOB: 5/13/67
Occupation: Choreographer
Hometown: Bay St. Louis, MS
Relationship to case: Missing persons' mother
Excerpt: "[Robin] is considered the anchor of the Maxwell family and leaves much of the public handling of her famous children to..."

Todd Maxwell is a former national figure skating championDOB: 1/9/66
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Hometown: Florence, AL
Relationship to case: Missing persons' father
Excerpt: "[Todd] still travels on the weekend to The Mall of Memphis … to teach a figure skating class to..."

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  lgillette — I may be way off base again, but he is a "venture capitalist......

Ryan Rand, Cameron Maxwell's friend
DOB: 5/23/93
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: Cameron Maxwell's friend
Excerpt: "Though it did not affect his school performance, he developed a quiet drinking problem and often had..."

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  lgillette — Cfp - (or anyone!) What are your thoughts on why Ryan killed......
  cfp — It seems to me that Ryan had an emotional attachment to Came......


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