Shadow of the Past

We've presented a lot of fun and challenging cases since our launch in 1995 — so many, fact, that some of our favorite ones have been unavailable online for years.

Now, we're proud to bring you this classic case from 1998. Can you solve it as efficiently as our early viewers did?

Det. McPhail with the bodies in 1958

What happened?

On April 11, 1958, Richard and Lisa Izard were found murdered outside their Yoknapatawpha County residence.

Their young children — Ricky, age 6, and LeAnne, age 2 — were missing.

The murders were never solved, and Ricky and LeAnne were never found.

In 1998, Doris Hammack of Detroit, Michigan, came forward claiming to be LeAnne Izard.

Can Ms. Hammack shed new light on this long‑cold investigation or is she up to something else?

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