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The Kudzu Kids find a human bone

Kudzu Kids video - Bone found

Surveillance leads to discovery

Kudzu Kids audio - Caught

Caught by UPD

Kids find bone at construction site

Oxford youths find bone

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 1 — My name is Rachel McGowan, and I'm 13 years old. My friends Zach Burgess and Mel Cheever live in Oxford, Mississippi, like me and my brother, Hunter.

We were all goofing around in the Grove when we saw some men working at the old Y Building on campus. The building is being renovated, so it's off limits.

Naturally, we decided it would be cool to sneak in and look around. Harmless enough, right?

Well, we found a secret hatch under the floor of a broom closet in the Y Building. Zach reached in and came up with a bone.

Before we had a chance to inspect it, a University police officer found us and confiscated our bone.

About the Kudzu Kids and where they found the bone

The Kudzu Kids take a brief look at the history of the University of Mississippi

The university's history

The Kudzu Kids describe the Y Building, where they found the bone

About the Y Building

Learn more about the Kudzu Kids

Who are the Kudzu Kids?

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 2 — My grandpa said it might help y'all help us investigate if you knew a little more about some of the places we mentioned and about me and my friends.

So Mel and I wrote up some stuff for you. Zach and Hunter helped too… sort of.


Professor Lowry got really mad

Hunter recorded a phone call his dad had with Professor Lowry

Professor's angry phone call

Ole Miss professor's conference proposal rejected again

Controversial conference idea rejected again

Dr. Lowry is a popular, if controversial, history professor at Ole Miss

Charles Lowry biography
  exclusive info for Case Detectives
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Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 3 — So there's this professor named Charles Lowry who's a Civil War history teacher at the university, where my dad teaches anthropology.

After we found the bone, Dr. Lowry got really interested. He called my dad and was pretty mad because he said we were "messing around his work site."

Whatever. We were just looking around.


We tried to talk to Professor Lowry

Kudzu Kids audio — Professor Lowry

Professor Lowry interview

Kudzu Kid Zach looked through Professor Lowry's trash after he left

Professor Lowry's trash

The Kudzu Kids found a rejection letter from a publisher in Professor Lowry's trash

Rejection letter

The Kudzu Kids found a memo to the history department chair in Professor Lowry's trash

Request for security

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 4 — So after Professor Lowry got so mad, we wanted to know why.

We tried to ask Dr. Lowry why he was so interested in the bone, but he kicked us out of his office.

So we just waited until he left, and then Zach looked through the trash in his office and found some interesting stuff.



We talked to the janitor cleaning Professor Lowry's office

Kudzu Kids video — janitor

Janitor interview

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 4 — While Zach was looking through Dr. Lowry's trash after the professor kicked us out of his office, we talked to the janitor who came by to clean to see if he'd seen anything suspicious.


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