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The Kudzu Kids find a human bone

Kudzu Kids video - Bone found

Surveillance leads to discovery

Kudzu Kids audio - Caught

Caught by UPD

Kids find bone at construction site

Oxford youths find bone

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 1 — My name is Rachel McGowan, and I'm 13 years old. My friends Zach Burgess and Mel Cheever live in Oxford, Mississippi, like me and my brother, Hunter.

We were all goofing around in the Grove when we saw some men working at the old Y Building on campus. The building is being renovated, so it's off limits.

Naturally, we decided it would be cool to sneak in and look around. Harmless enough, right?

Well, we found a secret hatch under the floor of a broom closet in the Y Building. Zach reached in and came up with a bone.

Before we had a chance to inspect it, a University police officer found us and confiscated our bone.

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Barbara's mother was the first to raise the alarm. What can she tell us?

Victim's mother, Susan Dubois

Susan Dubois interview

Susan Dubois bio
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Investigation Day 1 — Barbara's mother was udnerstandably very upset about her death, but she agreed to talk to the detectives later that afternoon.

Did she see anything that morning that could lead us to Barbara's killer?

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What leads can we get from the conference center's events manager?

YCCC Events Manager Yvonne Boyd

Yvonne Boyd interview

Yvonne Boyd bio
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Investigation Day 1 — This is not the first time detectives have encountered Yvonne Boyd in a homicide investigation.

They're aware she has a habit of not revealing everything she knows right up front.

Is she holding anything back this time?

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Why did Bill Lamar willingly provide biological samples?

Bill Lamar consent search

Bill Lamar consent search

Investigation Day 1 — Bill Lamar agreed to provide samples of his blood, hair and fingerprints.

Did he do it because he's innocent or because he knew refusing would make him look guilty?

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How did Bill happen to be the person who found his old flame's body?

Bill Lamar found Barbara's body

Bill Lamar interview

Bill Lamar bio
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Investigation Day 1 — The detectives talked to Bill Lamar about his discovery of his ex-girlfriend's body and what he witnessed at the YCCC prior to the murder.

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