Wendy Case Detective 4 columns

All of the case evidence has been released to the public.

Case Files

Incident report

A 911 caller reported finding a body near the Kelly Green construction site south of Oxford.

Body scene map

Investigators put together an informal map of the body scene.

Michael Robbins bio

Michael is known for his hard-driving ways in business and pleasure.

Michael Robbins interview

The first responding officer questioned the man he saw exiting the woods near the body.

Earl Sullivan bio

Earl is a native Oxonian known for his reliability and his faith.

Earl Sullivan interview

Deputy Watson spoke to the 911 caller who reported the body near the construction site.

Miles Jackson bio

Miles learned how to work construction in the Army.

Miles Jackson interview

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to the man who found the body

Mystery woman found dead

The Crime Beat reports: Unidentified body found partially nude

Body scene panorama

Investigators assembled photos to show the body scene.

Incident report

A 911 caller reported a bag of stained clothing found just off Highway 6 West.

Body & clothing map

Investigators created an informal map showing where the body and the clothing were found.

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