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Gramps gave us a little help

The Kudzu Kids got some inside info from Rachel and Hunter's grandfather

Video message from Gramps

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 7 — My grandfather, Mike Armstrong, is a PI and former cop. He's been helping us out a little bit with our investigation.

He sent us a video message with some inside info he dug up and a hint about what we should do next.

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We found out there are supposedly tunnels under the campus

The Kudzu Kids talked to a couple of college students who showed them some tunnels under the campus

College students reveal campus tunnels

Kudzu Kids Investigation Day 7 — Zach met two college students when he was hanging out on campus. They were kinda weird but nice.

They told us they had been in some tunnels under the Y Building and showed us a place where you used to be able to get in.

They said tunnels run beneath the university and supply heat to different parts of campus, but we're not sure if they know what they're talking about.

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What is Norm hiding and why?

Norm Resol follow-up interview

Norm Resol 2nd interview

Investigation Day 7 — As an ex-con, Norm's credibility is already questionable.

How much of what he did and saw around the time of the murder did he fail to mention in his original interview?

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Is there any info Bill has been keeping to himself?

Bill Lamar follow-up interview

Bill Lamar 2nd interview

Investigation Day 7 — The first time the detectives spoke to Bill Lamar, it was only a couple of hours after he'd found Barbara's body.

Now that he's had some time to reflect on things, is there anything he has to say that he didn't reveal in that initial conversation?

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What clues did the coroner find during the autopsy?

Coroner's report on the Barbara Dubois autopsy

Coroner's report

Investigation Day 7 — The coroner's office rushed to get out a preliminary report on the autopsy of Barbara Dubois.

Do their early findings give us any hints about who and what killed Barbara?

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