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What did the people at Duffy's see and hear?

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Investigators canvass Duffy's patrons and employees

Duffy's patron canvass

Duffy's employee canvass

Investigation Day 5 & 7 — Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to witnesses at Duffy's Bar & Grill about what they saw the nights of July 3rd, when Andy Fine was there, and July 13th, when Johnny Reagle was there.

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Interviewing Carla Brogan

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Carla Brogan

Carla Brogan interview

Carla Brogan biography
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Investigation Day 7 — Detectives Armstrong and Murphy were able to find Melanie Daniels' former best friend, Carla Brogan, at her home in Hattiesburg.

They talked to her about Melanie and Laurie and their life growing up together. They also asked Carla about the last time she saw each of the Daniels sisters.

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Burying Laurie Daniels

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Daniels burial draws emotional crowd

Daniels burial draws emotional crowd

Investigation Day 7 — The Oxford Weekly Planet's Crime Beat column reports on Laurie Daniels' funeral.

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Talking to the Daniels family friends and associates

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Daniels family friends & associates

Canvass - Daniels family associates

Investigation Day 7 — YCSD investigators took note of who attended Laurie Daniels' funeral, and after the services were over, interviewed some of them to learn more about the family.

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