Man with a salt and pepper mustache and dark hairpiece

After learning Forrest's former landlord was in town, the detectives asked him to come in.

Cell phone tower with the City of Pittsburgh in the background

Reggie Simms provided information on calls from his phone in the final weeks of 2019.

Cell phone towel with an OxTel bill in the background

Bobby Wannamaker provided information on calls from his Coles Point residence in late December 2019.

Grainy photo of a vehicle's license plate

A red light camera near the Memphis airport captured a vehicle of interest on December 29, 2019.

Excerpt of a traffic citation with a nighttime photo of Oxford in the background

A person of interest was cited for speeding just before dawn on December 30, 2019.

Excerpt of a Walmart MoneyGram receipt

Investigators identified a money transfer to Laurie before she planned to fly to Memphis.

Seal of Yoknapatawpha County with the label 'Incident Report'

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting an alleged threat at a Yocona residence.

Exterior of the sheriff's department with an audio graph in the foreground

Detectives obtained a recent 911 call transcript from a person of interest in the investigation.

Excerpt of a map with a photo of an unusual egg in the foreground

Investigators created a diagram of the area associated with the alleged threat reported in Yocona, MS.

Smiling man with brown hair

The detectives talked to Laurie's ex-fiancé about a recent incident plus matters related to her death.

Excerpt of a witness statement form

Forrest provided a sworn statement after his second conversation with Detectives Armstrong and Murphy.

Mugshot of a brown-haired man with the Oxford Weekly Planet logo in the foreground

The Crime Beat reports: Forrest Burgess in custody on multiple charges but not murder.

Sign pointing the way to Coles Point

YCSD investigators canvassed the neighborhood around Bobby Wannamaker's Coles Point home.

Bald man with bushy white mustache and goatee

After his father's death, Simon traveled all over the world but always called Mississippi home.

Bald man with bushy white mustache and goatee

The detectives located a witness who was in Coles Point before dawn on December 30.

Photo of an outdoor payphone

The YCSD obtained the call records for the payphone outside Willie's Fuel & Bait.

Bart and Bonnie Daniels with Reggie Simms in the background and the Oxford Weekly Planet logo in the foreground

The Crime Beat reports: Bart and Bonnie Daniels defend Burgess, hire PIs to investigate Simms.

Man with salt and pepper hair and mustache

The detectives managed to arrange to talk to Bart Daniels about recent developments.

Smiling woman with short silver hair

The detectives also persuaded Bonnie Daniels to talk to them about recent discoveries.

Excerpt of a map highlighting the location where a speeding ticket was issued

Investigators added several locations that have become relevant to the Laurie Daniels investigation.

Alibi verification for persons of interest in the Laurie Daniels investigation

Investigators summarized the alibis for persons of interest and whether those alibis could be corroborated.

Seal of Yoknapatawpha County with the label 'Search Warrant'

The detectives obtained warrants to search residences and vehicles of multiple persons of interest.


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