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Simon DeVille

Simon DeVille was born December 5, 1945, in Vicksburg, Mississippi. His father, Joseph DeVille, owned a profitable cotton gin, and his mother, Simone, ran a bed and breakfast. He has two sisters, Lila and Gloria.

DeVille enjoyed an affluent childhood, but he was inconsolable when his father was killed in a fire at the gin.

Wayward and saddened by the tragedy, DeVille immersed himself in the beatnik culture and jaunted off across America in the spirit of his idol, Jack Kerouac.

DeVille used the large inheritance he received following his father's death to spend the next several years traveling, eventually making it to Europe and Asia.

In 1981, DeVille returned home when he learned his mother had become very ill. After her passing, he sank into a deep depression, and it took him years to recover.

Though he never married, DeVille spent the remainder of his years visiting the many friends he had accrued from his visits across the country.

He has always called Mississippi his home, and he currently resides in Sardis. He has no children, and both sisters are deceased.


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Who is Simon in the great scheme of things.?

  kirsty-lea denovan
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Why does it say 'has' two sisters in the first paragraph, when in the last it says they are both deceased?

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