How did Joey respond to seeing a still from the security video?

Joey Sims interview #2

Kudzu Kids Rachel and Zach went back to see Joey Sims and get his reaction to the person seen in the Youngs' security video.


Joey Sims: Back again? You haven't lost interest in your little detective games?

Zach Burgess: This isn't a game. This is serious.

Joey Sims: Don't arrest me, Officer. I ain't done nothing wrong.

Rachel McGowan: We've got a photo from a security camera we want to show you. Does this man look familiar?

Joey Sims: Where did you get this?

Zach Burgess: People are saying that this is your friend.

Joey Sims: You got to be kidding me.

Rachel McGowan: We heard that there's a guy who visits you often at work.

Joey Sims: Who told you that? Sarah?

Rachel McGowan: We don't want to get to get anyone in trouble, including you.

Joey Sims: Well yeah, my buddy Carl stops in all the time. But that's not him in the photo.

Zach Burgess: Who said it was?

Rachel McGowan: We still have more videos to watch. A neighbor said he saw two guys creeping around the neighborhood. Was that you?

Joey Sims: You're saying that Carl and I have something to do with these dogs you're looking for?

Zach Burgess: We haven't said that… yet.

Joey Sims: If there's anyone you should be suspicious of, it's that girl Naomi Temple at the animal shelter. She has a few screws loose if you know what I mean.

Rachel McGowan: What does she know about the missing dogs?

Joey Sims: How should I know? Why don't you leave me alone and go annoy that animal control officer? Her whole job is dealing with stray animals.

Rachel McGowan: Is there anything else you think we should know?

Joey Sims: Nope. Now, you kids scram and don't bother me anymore. These visits are getting to be annoying.

Zach Burgess: Tell me about it.

Rachel McGowan: Let's go, Zach.

Zach Burgess: Joey Sims was being really paranoid. I think that him and Carl are in this together.


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