Ned Fisher interview

The detectives went to see the second victim's younger son and business partner.

Ned Fisher biography

After a rowdy childhood, Ned settled down after going into business with his father.

Christine Fisher interview

The detectives drove over to Pontotoc to talk to Wayne Fisher's ex-wife.

Christine Fisher biography

Christine was married to Wayne Fisher for 14 years before their divorce.

Joel Fisher interview

The detectives located Wayne Fisher's son Joel and spoke with him about his father.

Joel Fisher biography

After a turbulent childhood, Joel has been estranged from his father and brother for years.

Archive: Pruitt to defend accused killer

From the Oxford Weekly Planet archives… The Crime Beat reports

Places of Interest map

This map shows locations in Yoknapatawpha County relevant to the investigation.

Wayne Fisher biography

After a rocky past, Wayne's prospects finally improved after going into business with his son.

Criminal history – Wayne Fisher

YCSD investigators ran a check on Wayne Fisher's criminal history in the State of Mississippi.

New Info for Detectives

Countdown until Case Officers get new information


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