Forensic analysis – scene evidence

The Crime Lab analyzed evidence from the crime scene. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Status report

This report summarizing investigative activities on October 29-Nov 1, 2020, was added to the case file.

Stephanie Bragg interview

The detectives wanted to follow up on information Mrs. Bragg had shared with other witnesses.

Stephanie Bragg bio

Stephanie learned early to rely on herself and leverage her strengths to protect her interests.

Jimmy Bragg interview

Detective Armstrong caught up with Jimmy and asked him about his relationship with Frederick Miller.

Jimmy Bragg bio

Jimmy is a Yoknapatawpha High student and a member of the archery team.

Lizzie Miller interview #2

The detectives asked the victim's daughter to clear up some conflicting information.

Caroline Miller interview #2

The detectives asked the victim's wife if she could clear up some questions.

Canvass – archery team members

Investigators spoke to the members of the high school archery team.

Canvass – archery team parents

Investigators spoke to the parents of the archery team members.

New Info for Detectives

Countdown until Case Officers get new information


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