Dorothy Rebine interview

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy visited Mickie's friend, Dorothy.

Vanessa Palmer interview

The detectives spoke to someone from Franklin Enterprises about their communication with Devlin.

Mickie Webster interview

The detectives asked Mickie to come in for a more in-depth conversation.

Mickie Webster bio

Mickie grew up in Grenada, MS, and traveled the country before settling in Oxford.

Katherine Dixon interview

Since Kat wasn't at Home Plate during the canvass, the detectives met her at her home.

Katherine Dixon bio

Kat was born and raised in Oxford and is a student at Ole Miss.

Beauchamp phone records

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy reviewed recent calls on Devlin's phone.

W. Ronald Douglas interview

The detectives met with Devlin's attorney to ask about his work for Devlin.

Partial license plate trace

YCSD investigators found possible matches to the partial license plate one of Devlin's neighbors provided.

Home Plate consent search

Carl Dixon permitted investigators to search the restaurant's premises.

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