Fingerprint analysis

Evidence collected at the scene was tested for the presence of human blood.

Cherie Atkinson interview #3

The detectives asked Cherie more about her interactions with a cast member.

Willow Chambers interview

At the bartender's suggestion, the detectives also spoke to the barback.

Stella Dearborne interview

The detectives talked to a bartender who might have information relevant to the investigation.

Ervin Cyr interview #3

The detectives asked Erv more about the rehearsal and activities at the warehouse theater.

Anna Kessler interview #3

The detectives asked Anna about the relationship between Scott and Martin.

Denis Goodman interview #3

The detectives asked Denis more about the script and his relationship with Scott and Ginny.

Woody Herron interview #3

The detectives asked Woody for more information about one of the props.

Leighton Sosebee interview

The detectives talked with the troupe's costumer to get her take on the personalities.

Martin Vargas interview #2

The detectives asked Martin for more details on his relationship with Scott.

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