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New Information for Detectives

Canvass ā€“ Brewer neighbors

YCSD investigators spoke to John Brewer's neighbors about his activities and visitors to his residence.

Rick Crawford interview

The detectives spoke to the Rebel Inn manager about Kristi's calls to the hotel.

Myra Olander interview

The detectives asked Myra to come in to discuss one person of interest's alibi.

Myra Olander bio

After traveling for decades, Myra settled in southeast Yoknapatawpha County several years ago.

Marla Deere interview

The detectives talked to a gas station clerk about her customers the night Kristi died.

Dave Rivera interview

While checking alibis, the detectives spoke to a local delivery driver.

Emily Peyton interview

The detectives talked to one of Kristi's colleagues in the business school.

Emily Peyton bio

Though they started as instructors at the same time, Emily and Kristi were very different.

New Information for Officers

Weldon Foyle interview

The detectives spoke with another of Kristi's students, who was less enamored of her teaching style.

Weldon Foyle bio

From a hardscrabble background, Weldon works hard to afford every class and earn every grade.

Trace evidence analysis

The crime lab sent over preliminary findings on evidence collected during the autopsy.

Dewey Devoe interview #2

The detectives visited Dewey at his apartment to get some additional information.

Deborah Eaton interview

The detectives asked Hunter's girlfriend to come in to talk about him and Kristi.

Deborah Eaton bio

From a working-class family in Natchez, Debby has always dreamed of a better life.

Ole Miss death a homicide

The Crime Beat reports: Coroner's preliminary ruling released today

Coroner's report

The Coroner's Office provided a preliminary summary of the Waterson autopsy findings. Additional analyses are ongoing.



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