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New Information for Detectives

Alibi canvass – Ruthie Foreman

YCSD investigators spoke with Ruthie's co-workers about her activities the night Veronica died.

Harassing text messages

Investigators examined Veronica's cell phone to identify the harassing texts she'd received before her death.

Ruthie Foreman interview

After talking to other witnesses, the detectives asked Ruthie to come in for a conversation.

Ruthie Foreman bio

Ruthie was born and raised in Oxford. She now works at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

Dwight Kramer interview

Dwight Kramer is an assistant administrator at the hospital where Dr. Smith sometimes performed procedures.

Dwight Kramer bio

A native Oxonian, Dwight Kramer is an assistant administrator at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

Canvass – hospital employees

Investigators talked to hospital employees to learn more about Veronica Smith's relationships there.

Felicia McGraw interview

Detectives met Dr. McGraw while canvassing hospital employees and took her aside for a private conversation.

New Information for Officers

Cassandra Summers interview

Attorney Cassandra Summers represented Veronica in the malpractice suit filed by Kenneth Lemmons.

Alibi canvass – Michael O'Connor

Investigators talked to acquaintances and co-workers to learn more about Michael O'Connor.

Alibi canvass – James Mendoza

Investigators spoke to Dr. Mendoza's wife and some hospital personnel to learn more about him.

Alibi canvass – Hilton Burns

Investigators talked to acquaintances and co-workers to learn more about Dr. Burns.

Will Sands bio

Will has been a popular bartender at The Roadhouse for years.

Will Sands interview

Will tends bar at The Roadhouse, where Veronica had drinks with friends the night she died.

Places of Interest

Investigators compiled a map showing Yoknapatawpha County locations relevant to the investigation.

Veronica Smith's cell phone records

YCSD investigators obtained Veronica’s cell phone usage details for the days before her death.


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